Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey - Skate.Shoot.Soar.

December 14-16, 2018

Pool A W L T Pts GF GA PIM
Cloverdale A10
Thunderbirds A10
Victoria RC A10
Pool B W L T Pts GF GA PIM
Coquitlam A10
Kamloops A1-20
Semiahmoo A10

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DateGameHomeScoreVisitorScoreStart timeArena
Fri, Dec 141: AT2288Thunderbirds A1Burnaby Winter Club A210:45 ARIC Coliseum
Fri, Dec 142: AT2289Cloverdale A1Victoria Raquet Club A111:00 ARIC Igloo
Fri, Dec 143: AT2290Semiahmoo A1Kamloops A1 - Team 21:45 PRIC Coliseum
Fri, Dec 144: AT2291Coquitlam A1North Shore Winter Club A12:00 PRIC Igloo
Fri, Dec 145: AT2292Burnaby Winter Club A2Victoria Raquet Club A13:15 PRIC Coliseum
Fri, Dec 146: AT2293Cloverdale A1Thunderbirds A13:30 PRIC Igloo
Sat, Dec 157: AT2294North Shore Winter Club A1Semiahmoo A17:15 ARIC Pond
Sat, Dec 158: AT2295Coquitlam A1Kamloops A1 - Team 27:15 ARIC Forum
Sat, Dec 159: AT2296Thunderbirds A1Victoria Raquet Club A18:45 ARIC Pond
Sat, Dec 1510: AT2297North Shore Winter Club A1Kamloops A1 - Team 24:30 PRIC Forum
Sat, Dec 1511: AT2298Burnaby Winter Club A2Cloverdale A14:30 PRIC Pond
Sat, Dec 1512: AT2299Semiahmoo A1Coquitlam A16:00 PRIC Forum
Sun, Dec 1613: AT2300B1A28:15 ARIC Forum
Sun, Dec 1614: AT2301A1B28:30 ARIC Pond
Sun, Dec 1615: AT2302A4B49:45 ARIC Forum
Sun, Dec 1616: AT2303B3A310:00 ARIC Pond
Sun, Dec 1617: AT2304W14W1311:30 ARIC Pond

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Tournament Rules


All games will be conducted in accordance with Hockey Canada, BC Hockey, and PCAHA rules and regulations except as modified below.


There will be no tolerance of referee ABUSE and offenders will be ejected from the game. Referees will be instructed to give a single warning before ejecting any coach or player from the game. Any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Abusive spectators will be required to leave the premises. We therefore ask that all managers and coaches instruct parents and players to understand and promote the "Spirit of Minor Hockey".


Each game will consist of the following game periods:

Warm Up First Second Third Total Clock


10 15 15




10 15 15


Peewee C


10 15 15


Peewee A


15 15 15



with 2 minute breaks between periods, with the following adjustments, if necessary:

  1. In Elimination Rounds only, games tied at the end of regulation time will proceed to a shootout round.
  2. If required, the third period may be adjusted to half the remaining ice time, LESS two minutes. This determination can only be made by an on ice or tournament official.
  3. Mercy Rule: Running time will be in effect should there be a five goal or more spread in the 3rd period only. If the goal spread drops back to 4, stop time will commence again.
  4. Timeouts: There will be one 60 second timeout allotted to each team per game.
  5. The tournament reserves the right to make adjustments in order to accommodate for delays in schedules.

Please note: All teams are to be prepared to begin their games 15 minutes prior to start time. Any team who is not prepared to begin the game at the appropriate time will be required to serve a 2 minute minor penalty at the start of the game. In addition the clock will start at the appropriate scheduled time.


Points for the tournament will be awarded on the following basis:

  • 2 points for a regulation win
  • 1 point for a regulation tie
  • 0 points for a regulation loss


The following order of tiebreakers will determine the standings in the event of a tie in points:

  1. Head to head record (of teams tied)
  2. Team with the greatest number of wins
  3. Team with fewest penalty minutes
  4. Basic goal differential GF - GA (maximum of 5 per game)
  5. Total goal differential GF - GA/GF (maximum of 5 per game)
  6. Total Goals for
  7. Total Goals against
  8. Toss of a coin


The home team is required to wear light coloured/white and the visiting team is required to wear dark colours. Should a team only have one jersey colour, they are responsible to request the other team to switch, with sufficient time.


Any player who incurs any combination of 4 penalties or 8 minutes or more in a single game will be immediately ejected from the game. Further, a match, gross, or fighting penalty will result in the player or coach being ejected from the tournament.  Game misconducts will count as a 10 minute penalty.


At the end of the game the teams will have the customary handshake and then line up on the blue lines for game MVP presentation. Coaches are asked to choose the player on the opposing team most deserving of the award.

Tournament Organizers reserve the right to make minor adjustments to schedule and rules up until the start of the tournament.


Any team wishing to appeal any decision will be required to make it in writing within one hour from the time of the decision to be appealed and sent to The Tournament Director or Designate will then make a ruling on the appeal. All rulings made by the Tournament Director or Designate will be final.