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2015 AGM Recap

The VTMHA 2015 AGM concluded on Wednesday evening.  New board members (in alphabetical order) who will begin a new two year term include:Chantal ...

Walker Named to U-16 Provincial Camp

Congratulations to TBird Defenseman Ian Walker who was named to the Team BC U-16 Provincial camp in Nanaimo July 15-19th. For more information pl...

Strang Wins Coach Development Award

Congratulations to our Director of Hockey Operations, Jim Strang on being selected for the John Ptucha Coaching Award with PCAHA at the Annual PCAHA A...

A1 Declaration Tryouts for 2015/16 Season

During the 2014/15 season the VTMHA under took a “pilot” program during Bantam Rep Tryouts with an “A1 Declaration” Tryouts. The intent of the pilot...

TBirds Selected for BC Hockey High Performance Programs

A big congratulations goes out to a number of TBird Bantam Rep players who have been selected to the BC Hockey U15 and U16 programs.The U-16 BC Cup wi...

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