Skater Selection Process

The rep player selection process for skaters for all age divisions will follow the same pattern. Every skater will be assessed over five ice sessions in Phase 1 to determine if they will continue in the rep selection process. Phases 2 and 3 will be a series of internal scrimmages and exhibition games respectively and player movement will occur at the completion of each of these two phases. Final rep team assignments will be completed following the conclusion of Phase 3.

The graphic provides an overview of the entire process, with each stage being described in detail below.


Phase 1

Phase 1 Schedule

Click here for the overall schedule of ice times for the ice times occurring in Phase 1 (August 26-31).

Registered skaters will receive their assigned ice time for Saturday, August 26 following the completion of registration (ie after August 15).

At the completion of each stage within Phase 1 (Stages 1-5), ice time assignments will be communicated via email as soon as the selection committee has completed the assignments. Please note, it is our intention to have this completed as quickly as possible following the final ice time for the age division, however it may take up to 4 hours for the discussion to be finalized.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Involvement of Parent Coaches

Parent coaches' involvement in the process: Parent coaches who are being considered for a coaching role will not be assigned to teams until the completion of the tryout process. All coaches being considered for coaching roles in the rep program for the season are required to participate in the process.

At no time in any stage of the selection process will a parent coach be involved in a selection conversation concerning their child, nor will they be involved in the discussion of selection of the final places in the same position as their child if their child is one of the candidates. They will be required to leave the room when these discussions are being held.

Attendance at Rep Player Selections

Please note that players are required to attend all sessions they are assigned to as per Policy 9 - Rep Player Selection.

In the case of sickness or injury, as stated in the policy, a letter from a physician indicating the nature of the injury and the expected return date must be submitted no later than 2 hours prior to the first ice time that will be missed. This letter must be received via email by the Executive Director by the timeline outlined.

Appeal Process

In the event a player wishes to appeal their final assignment, they must complete the appeal process as outlined in Policy 9 - Rep Player Selection.