Midget Division Selection Process

The rep player selection process for the midget division will start later than the other divisions to allow for more opportunity for players trying out for MML or junior teams to determine if they will be playing with the TBirds for the upcoming season. The process will include a number of scrimmages and exhibition games for the coaches, with support from external evaluators, to determine the final rosters.

All information including rosters and ice time assignment for each ice session will be posted on the Participant Information web page. Please note that it is the responsibility of the player and/or their parent/guardian to review the information posted. Missed ice times will result in immediate assignment to the C division.

Note that PCAHA has approved the ability for associations to work with neighbouring associations to create joint teams in Bantam or Midget at the A2 or lower levels. Thunderbirds are currently engaging in discussions to provide this opportunity to allow more of our players the ability to play rep in the 2019/20 season. More information will be provided to all registered participants in August/early September.


Stage 1: Practice Groups (September 3-8)

It is anticipated that two sessions will be held with all players involved (format to be determined based on total number of participants) with coaches and external evaluators observing the players to determine two practice rosters. No player will be assigned to the C division until after the first two scrimmages have occurred in the process. Please note that if a player is granted approval to miss any ice session due to their attendance at another tryout, they must attend a minimum of one ice time in the first three scheduled sessions for their practice group.


Stage 2: Practice rosters (September 9-19)

Team Coaches will arrange for a minimum of two (2) exhibition games to determine final rosters. External evaluators will be present at all games to support the evaluation process for the coaches.

Final rosters will be determined no later than September 21 for the midget division.


Involvement Of Parent Coaches

Parent coaches' involvement in the process: Parent coaches who are being considered for a coaching role will not be assigned to teams until the completion of the tryout process. Parent coaches may be on the benches throughout the scrimmages as a means to ensure the Association provided lineups are followed however they will not be participating in any of the evaluation or selection of players.


Attendance At Rep Player Selections

Please note that players are required to attend all sessions they are assigned to as per Policy 9 - Rep Player Selection.

In the case of sickness or injury, as stated in the policy, a letter from a physician indicating the nature of the injury and the expected return date must be submitted no later than 2 hours prior to the first ice time that will be missed. This letter must be received via email by the Executive Director by the timeline outlined.

Appeal Process

In the event a player wishes to appeal their final assignment, they must complete the appeal process as outlined in Policy 9 - Rep Player Selection.