With teams now formed, our coaching staffs are now almost set for the season! We are working on finalizing two final head coaches, but the following is how our 13 rep teams have started the season.


A1 – Amy de Bree 
A2 – Shaun Lymer
A3 – Louis Chen
A4 – Quinn Dawson


A1 – Milton Chan
A2 – Brian Busenius
A3 – Mawi Bagon (Interim)
A4 – Sean Carey


A1 – Mike Nardi
A2 – Mike Todd
A3 – Greg McCunn (Interim)


A1 – Jason Rogers
A2 – Sean Carey

Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey is excited to get the season going and are so excited to have this slate of head coaches leading the way. Supplementing these coaches are a variety of parent and non-parent coaches, team managers and a solid parent group ensuring this season will be a great experience for all of our members.