It was a bittersweet atmosphere tonight at the TBirds Graduating Midget “Bragging Rights” 3 on 3 mini-tournament. Over half of our 60 graduating TBirds participated in the event as a final farewell to playing alongside each other. With 22 players having been a TBird since Hockey 1, and 51 being with us since at least atom, we have had the privilege of watching many of them grow into the fine young men that they are. We appreciate all of them and wish them the best as they move on to the next chapter of their life, and we hope that they take everything they learned about being a solid teammate into the rest of their lives.

To the parents of these players, thank you for your time and energy as we know it is your support that has truly created a hockey for life mindset for them.

For those players who were not able to be part of the fun tonight or had to leave before our final presentation, we have a small gift for you. Board President, Chantal Cotton, and Executive Director, Tanya Foley, will be in the lobby at the Kerrisdale Senior Centre this Thursday, March 12, from 6:00 – 6:45 pm and anyone can come pick one up for you at that time.

Good luck with whatever comes next in this exciting time for you and remember you will always be part of the TBird family.