Last night, Adam from FlipGive provided a chance to learn how to maximize FlipGive. You can listen in on the recording here, or you can even book an online appointment with Adam to walk you through it (he’s amazing!) but just to give you an idea:

Join your team by choosing it from this page. Adam will be drawing for some great prizes from everyone who has joined by end of day Sunday including cash credits for your team, $100 gift card to and 2 copies of EA Sports NHL ’21!


  1. if you are going to shop online, go to FlipGive first, find the store and you will be taken to the website – but your FlipGive will be activated for all applicable purchases to earn cash back; or
  2. if you are at a store, say Indigo or Home Depot, know you are going to buy something, jump on FlipGive and buy a gift card. You will get it right away, can use it at the till to buy what you are buying AND earn cash back.

It’s not just for buying gifts or one off items (although it’s great for that too!) but think about where you buy gas, groceries, coffee etc from on a regular basis – pre-buy gift cards for all those usual things you do all the time anyway. This way you can raise money for your team while doing it!

Every dollar your team raises goes to your team to be used how your team decides. TBirds just provides the opportunity for you to take advantage of it AND get access to extra bonus offers by going in as a large association. What bonuses you ask? Well, three big ones are open right now!!

  1. Get a $5 bonus for every single person’s first purchase!
  2. FlipGive is providing a $50 bonus for every team once they hit $20 in cash back from purchases
  3. Scotiabank will match your team’s first $100 cash back level! All teams where players are 7 or older qualify so even our U7 teams can qualify once you have players starting to turn 7. More details on this match program can be found here.

Don’t delay, join today and start saving up!