In recent days we have been seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases within TBirds that is reflective of our broader Vancouver community. We are also seeing that our protocols are allowing our teams to be minimally impacted.

It is essential that anyone who experiences symptoms isolates for the required period of time and completes the self-isolation form so the association can monitor across teams, skill groups and clinics for any internal grouping of cases.

Each case is unique and while two cases within the same group/team will initiate an investigation, there are many factors that will determine if an official pause on activities will be implemented.

The situation is fluid and as health authorities gather information on the Omicron variant, changes will continue to be communicated. TBirds will always wait for confirmation and clarification to occur prior to announcing changes so that we can maintain clear instructions.

We have received some updates and will be implementing new guidelines for self-isolation time periods and have posted the changes on our TBirds website here. Note that the linked page will always have the most up to date information and can be found via the blue box under the banner pictures on our home page.

For those that have previously submitted a self-isolation form, please review the updated information and apply your situation accordingly. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly and I will be happy to help you determine your pathway, but I will not be able to reach out to each of you individually.

It should be expected that potential exposure can occur at any time, and in any environment, while Omicron is so prevalent in our community, and we ask everyone ensure they are following protocols at the rink and in your daily activities to best protect yourself and those around you.

Please continue to be diligent in the coming days and enjoy being at the rink!