The last games for everyone except our three teams heading to Provincials are going on over the next few days. If you are looking for something to do, head out and cheer on your fellow TBirds!

Banner Chase
Our Midget A1 team has clinched a spot in Provincials but have a tiebreaker against Burnaby on Thursday, March 8 to determine who takes home the banner! 8:30 pm @ Hillcrest

Championship Days – March 10-11 at Richmond Ice Centre
Saturday (Atom/Peewee):
9:00 Atom C8 vs New Westminster C2
10:15 Atom C7 vs Burnaby C1
10:45 Atom C5 vs Burnaby C3
12:30 Atom C3 vs Arbutus C2
3:30 Peewee C6 vs Richmond C2
4:00 Peewee C4 vs Peewee C2
5:15 Peewee C3 vs Peewee C5

Sunday (Bantam/Midget)
9:15 Bantam C1 vs Arbutus C2
1:30 Midget C8 vs Vancouver C5
2:45 Midget C6 vs Midget C3

Final Four – Atom 
Atom A1 @ Richmond Ice Centre: Saturday @ 4:30 vs NSWC, Sunday @ 3:30 vs BWC A1 and Monday @ 6:00 vs Seafair A1
Atom A3 @ Hollyburn: Saturday @ 1:35 vs Vancouver A1, Sunday @ 10:15 vs New West A1 and Tuesday @ 6:00 vs NSWC A3
Atom A4 @ Richmond Ice Centre: Friday @ 8:00 vs Richmond A3, Saturday @ 2:45 vs Burnaby A3 and Sunday @ 5:30 vs Richmond A2

President Series
Atom A2: Saturday @ 4:15 vs Burnaby A2 – Kerrisdale, Sunday @ 5:00 vs Seafair A2 – RIC
Midget A2: Monday @ 8:15 vs Semi A2 – Kerrisdale