Welcome to the 2022-23 Recreational Balancing phase!

All information regarding schedule, group assignments and any other key information pertaining to the Balancing Process will be found on this page in the division specific tabs.

For an overview of the balancing process, please click here.

Attendance at Balancing Scrimmages

It is really important to have as many players as possible attend each of the balancing scrimmages. If players don't show, we have no ability to assess the strength of the team. Once teams are formed we do not want to have PCAHA tell us we need to move players, which they can until the end of November, which is not the experience we want for any of our players. Please do everything you can to attend ALL session you are assigned to.

Don't Forget...

  • To update your ePact account when you receive the notification in your email. This is important for the onsite HCSPs to be able to best assist in the event of an injury.
U11 Division

We are excited for the start of the season.  This is the October schedule, revised September 30.  For your GROUPING assignments, please review this FILE.  

As Balancing games are played, there will be movement from group to group and if you moved from one group to another, you will be notified by your Division Ambassadors.  The changes will also be reflected on this page, but please note, the change on the website will not be immediate but should be live within 36 hours.

Please note that during balancing (September to early October) we will not be updating TeamSnap.  For current information please refer to this page of our website.  When teams are formed, then we will be updating TeamSnap.

We will need volunteers for our internal Balancing Games, so please check the portal often and sign up for any tasks/activities which suits your schedule.

For arena/rink addresses, please refer to this LINK.

If you have any questions about group assignments or schedules, please contact Audrey at awhite@vancouvertbirds.ca

U13 Division
U15 Division
U18 Division

Volunteer Roles

We will be looking for parent volunteers to fill a number of roles throughout the balancing process.

  1. Logistics crew (transport jerseys from point A to B)
  2. HCSP
  3. Timekeeper/Scorekeeper
  4. Bench support
  5. On-ice referee (certified coaches only)
  6. On-ice assistant for practices (certified coaches or on ice volunteers only)
  7. Dressing room monitors

In addition, we have posted lead or coordinator roles for a number of our in-season programs such as our Career Mentorship Program, Players Giving Back program and many others. We would love to be able to offer all of these and many more programs this year but we need help to do so. Log into the volunteer portal here to look through the options and help us make TBirds even better!


Please contact Audrey White at awhite@vancouvertbirds.ca