This weekend will see a lot of action at rinks as TBirds battle in Final Four, Championship Days, RecFest, and a special graduating player event . Here’s what’s happening around Vancouver:

U18 Graduating Player – Welcome to the TBird Alumni Club! 
With 47 of our 53 graduating players participating, we are so excited to celebrate this year’s graduating class with a four team round robin event taking place on Saturday at Hillcrest starting at 5:00 pm and ending with a special presentation ~8:30 pm. For detailed schedules and rosters, click here and scroll to the bottom for the Graduating Player section.

Final Four – U11 A2
Our U11 A2 team is hosting the GVC Flight 2 Final Four tournament. Games will be held happening Saturday, Sunday and Monday with our TBirds team in action:

  • Saturday, March 5: 9:00 – 10:30 am @ UBC Father Bauer vs North Vancouver A2
  • Sunday, March 6: 7:30 – 8:45 pm @ Sunset vs Squamish A1
  • Monday, March 7: 7:45 – 9:00 pm @ Hillcrest vs Burnaby A2

Championship Days – President’s C League
Congrats to all our recreational teams that have battled through to the banner game this weekend. All games are taking place at the Richmond Ice Centre.

  • U11 Division
    • TBirds C5 vs Richmond C3 – Saturday @ 9:45 am on Coliseum
    • TBirds C6 vs Vancouver Minor C4 @ 11:30 am on Coliseum
  • U13 Division
    • TBirds C3 vs Burnaby C4 – Saturday @ 1:15 pm on Coliseum
    • TBirds C6 vs TBirds C4 – Saturday @ 1:30 pm on Forum
    • TBirds C5 vs Vancouver Minor C1 @ 3:00 pm on Coliseum
  • U15 Division
    • TBirds C3 vs Burnaby C4 – Sunday @ 9:45 am on Forum
    • TBirds C2 vs Vancouver Minor C2 @ 11:15 am on Coliseum
    • TBirds C1 vs Richmond C2 @ 1:00 pm on Coliseum
  • U18 Division
    • TBirds C4 vs Arbutus C2 @ 2:45 pm on Coliseum
    • TBirds C6 vs TBirds C8 @ 3:15 pm on Forum
    • TBirds C1 vs Burnaby C6 @ 5:15 pm on Forum
    • TBirds C3 vs Richmond C2 @ 6:00 pm on Pond

RecFest – U11C, U13C, U15C, U18C non-graduating
Scheduled to alternate with the above Championship Days, we are excited to have this 3 on 3 mini-game event happening for four age divisions this year. All schedules and rosters can be found on the RecFest webpage.