We are currently still able to hold league games, practices and clinics in the same way as we were prior to the winter break. However, as you’ve likely seen in the news, the provincial guidelines and COVID testing requirements are changing quickly.

So, in response, we’ve decided to implement some refinements to our protocols which are below along with a reminder on all current protocols and are applicable to all Vancouver Thunderbird activities until further notice:

  • DO NOT COME TO THE RINK IF YOU ARE SICK.  If you are experiencing any one of the identified Covid-related symptoms, don’t enter the rink until they are all fully resolved.  Please let your team safety know if your player is sick.
  • A negative Covid test is no longer required to return to the rink for all situations. Follow the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) guidelines on when to get tested but do not go to the rink while experiencing any of the listed symptoms
  • Reminder that any team/group that has two positive tests within the same 10 day period will automatically pause all ice times until a formal decision to continue or extend the pause occurs.
  • If any player or team staff member tests positive from this point forward, complete this form as soon as possible. This form helps the association track positive cases more efficiently. And can also be found on our website at this link.
  • Return to play following a positive test can only occur when both of the following conditions have been satisfied:
    1. The required self-isolation period of time following the onset of symptoms has passed. The length of time will be determined based upon the vaccination status of the person impacted and it is expected the impacted player/team staff will apply the time frame as per the BC CDC guidelines; and
    2. All symptoms have resolved 100%.
  • Return to play following a negative test can only occur when all symptoms have resolved 100%.
  • All team staff and players are required to complete the TeamSnap Health Check before entering the rink for every activity.
  • Only spectators who are fully vaccinated are permitted into the arena area/dressing rooms.
  • Access to dressing rooms are 30 minutes before the game. Players do have the option to arrive partially or fully dressed to reduce the amount of time in the room ahead of the game if they feel more comfortable, with the option to not use a dressing room at all for practices and clinics. Dryland warm-up activities must occur outside, not inside the rink.
  • Masks are required to be worn:
    • By spectators: At all times for all who are 5 years of age or older.
    • By players: At all times except when their helmet is on. Masks must be put back on immediately following their ice time and their helmet is taken off.
    • By team staff: At all times except when they are on the ice during practice. When coaches are speaking they must have their mask covering their mouth and nose – they cannot pull it down to be heard more clearly. Coaches are required to have a mask in their pocket during practices should they need to assist an injured player or speak in close proximity to any other coach or player. Coaches may also choose to wear a mask while on the ice. HCSP and team managers must wear a mask at all times.
  • Those who have recently travelled outside of Canada must follow all travel protocols and isolation mandates as per the Government of Canada.
    • Be sure to update your availability on TeamSnap for all upcoming ice times as soon as you know so the team staff can plan accordingly.
  • If you do have to engage in a car pool situation with members from outside of your immediate household, we ask that you follow every precaution possible including having all those in the vehicle wear a mask at all times and have a window down a bit if possible to increase air flow throughout the vehicle.