One of our least tapped into resources are the moms and female alumni in our ranks. Last night, with facilitation from long standing TBird rep coach Amy de Bree, a group of current and hopeful future women coaches gathered on zoom to simply chat around how we can bridge the gap to create a welcoming environment or anyone, male or female, who is interested in being part of creating an encouraging and safe environment for our players to learn to love being at and going to their ice times.

The reality is that women do need some extra encouragement as coaching in an integrated hockey association is not always the easiest world to enter. As such, we will be looking for ways to provide a dedicated support mechanism in an effort to encourage women to join our coaching ranks. Our first step is we have created a TBirds Women in Coaching group on Slack. We will share future zoom chats, ice times, opportunities to get involved and interesting resources. If you or someone you know that is a mom, female alum or simply a female friend who is looking for a way to get into coaching, we hope they will join this group. There is no requirement to do anything beyond that but getting the information is a perfect place to start. To be added to the group, please click here and complete the form.