The last few days have brought the hockey family to a place of utter brokenness. No words can ever come close to the magnitude of emotion that has touched millions around the globe. We have witnessed unprecedented support focused on the epicentre of the tragedy – a small town in Saskatchewan few outside of the province had ever heard of prior to Friday night. While our lives have forever been altered having lived through these last few days watching from afar, those directly tied to the Broncos will now have to establish new norms of life.

Gone are sixteen souls. Their dreams will never be lived. Their smiles will never brighten another person’s day. Sixteen lives who will forever be tied together in tragedy but, together with those who survived, they have shown us all the true strength in community.

Many of our members have joined in supporting those impacted. The initial Go Fund Me Campaign, that started with a $10,000 goal, has now stretched over the 10 million dollar mark and there are others now accepting donations (click here if you would like to donate). Sticks and jerseys have all been displayed as an outward sign of our support. We will continue to see other gatherings, campaigns and expressions be part of the grieving process, and the Thunderbirds would like to create a special way to share our hearts and thoughts with those in Humboldt.

If you have a message of hope, picture of your hockey sticks on display or you in a jersey, a drawing, poem, or any other expression of love or comfort for Humboldt, please send it to to be part of the From Thunderbird Hearts to Humboldt book of support. We will be collecting pieces to include until April 30th.