With the announcement by Dr. Bonnie Henry today returning sport to Phase 2 programming, we have developed our own TBird Top 5 list to help remind our coaches of the Phase 2 on-ice programming. Thanks in advance to all of our coaches who will help us stay on the ice during this temporary pause in Phase 3 game play!

5) Focus on individual skills that can be set up for maximum distance between players – skating waves, shooting practice, stationary passing.
Use spray paint/bingo marker to make dots in any area you will have players lining up in your drills and be ready to continually repeat “watch your spacing!”

4) All shots on net must come from a minimum of 6 ft from where the goalie is. No chasing rebounds.
Use cones/paint/bingo marker to identify the 8 ft caution area where a shot has to be released from. Goalies will need to be told not to come out to play the puck.

3) Limit or eliminate coach board talks.
If you have to use it, make sure all players have taken a knee 6 ft apart. Do not start talking until they are situated.

2) Using stations is a better way to manage physical distancing.
Breaking the group up into smaller sub-groups will maximize the full ice surface and will help avoid potential for crowding.

1) Find ways to keep it fun!
Whether you find ways to create physically distanced races or challenges, add in variations to Asteroids (backhand, saucer pass, etc) or you can even bring bubble hockey to the ice if you want to have some modified game fun!
For on-ice Bubble hockey: Spray paint/use bingo marker to draw narrow boxes on the ice in all zones keeping 6 ft distancing between them to mimic the age old game of bubble hockey. One player “owns” one box and they can’t leave their area so they have to pass and get creative. Remember any players off the ice waiting for their shift need to be physically distanced so use the areas beside/behind the benches like we did in September!