Teams raised over $9k this past season to offset team costs for everything from tournaments, team activities, team apparel and even donating to a charity of the team’s choice. FlipGive has created a new way to let you continue to accumulate funds that you can then transfer to your team in the fall. Any funds raised until you are assigned to a team can be used directly for your team fees, and anything over that can be used for the team in any other way your team identifies.

For anyone who didn’t sign up this season, we encourage you to reach out to Adam – and get set up so you are under the Thunderbirds umbrella so you can have access to more bonus options and are already set up for next season. Parents earn from their online shopping, at no extra cost to themselves or the team.
For those who participated this season, current FlipGive team pages have been closed, but your account will be set to a ‘personal account’, which is like a piggybank that builds up while you are team-less.
It costs nothing to do, you just buy what you normally would and you will be amazed at how fast it adds up!