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March 26, 2018

Wow! What a season! It seems like it was just a short time ago I was knee deep in tryout jerseys and yet here we are in March able to look back on an amazing season.

We could not have done anything this season without our parents who stepped in to fill roles as coaches, division and team managers, HCSP personnel, volunteers with the various fundraisers and events, and every single person who hung out in the box to run the clock and keep score. Hockey is a sport that requires a lot of people to make it happen, and we have some of the best parents around who step in and make it possible for our players to play.

As we move into the off-season, we want to encourage you all to take some time away from the rink at some point to recharge and remember how much you do love being on the ice - distance makes the heart grow fonder after all! Take some time to play another sport, chill with friends and family at a few BBQs, hit the beach, remember what it's like to be warm (at some point our weather will allow that!). Then when you jump back into getting ready for next year, it will be an exciting time again.

A few things coming up to take note of:

  • Thunderbird Appreciation Night for all of our team and division staff and other key helpers this season is taking place April 24th - Thunderbird Awards will be handed out based on all nominations received.
  • Season registration for next season will start in April for returning players and June for new players.
  • Summer camps (running August 13-17 and 20-24) will be open for registration in April
  • Rep tryouts will begin August 25 (more information to be posted in June)
  • Coach applications for next season for both head and assistant roles for all levels are now open - click here for more information 

See you at the rink in August!

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From Thunderbird Hearts to Humboldt book of support - send in your pics, words of support, or any other manner of expressing your support to


Registration Update
TeamSnap and Hockey Canada have just announced a new initiative that will make registration and rostering integrated between the two systems. They are in the final stages of set up and we are looking forward to taking advantage of this so are targeting mid-May to open Returning Player registration. New TBird players can join the family starting a couple weeks later. Click here for more information on registration.

Summer camp registrations will open Monday, April 30th - stay tuned for full day rep prep camps to one hour specialty camps for both our recreational player and rep players to the first hockey camp for our incoming 2013 birth year players! Camps will run Aug 13-17 and Aug 20-24 at Hillcrest Arena. Stay tuned for more information.

Coaches for 2018-19 Season
Calling all coaches for 2018-19! Click here for more information.



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Thunderbird Snapshots

April 12 - Board meeting

May 10 - Board meeting

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