Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey is one of the largest minor hockey associations within BC with a membership of approximately 1,000 athletes and their families. Our geographical area is a significant area of the City of Vancouver and includes a diverse socio-economic population.

Our goals in any partnership that is created is to directly provide a mutual benefit to our membership and to the business we align with. As a result, we work with each individual organization to ensure we identify the unique opportunities that exist.

Currently we are proud to support our partners identified below. These partners allow us to enhance our events and offer specific discounts to our membership.

We have a number of goals for the future to allow our players to truly SOAR - on and off the ice. These initiatives are in the development stage and require assistance from a partner(s) to implement. Examples of potential programs are:

  • Bursary program to reduce/eliminate registration fees for families in need in our community to be able to play hockey
  • Leadership development
    • officials (eg conflict management, effective communication)
    • players (eg providing initial coaching opportunities for players through working with younger ages)
    • coaches (eg access to additional seminars - internal and external)
  • Thunderbirds in the Community
    • Volunteerism by all teams
    • Association wide opportunities to assist our community

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us on any of these initiatives, or have another opportunity that you would like to discuss, please email Peter Tolensky, Chair of the Sponsorship committee, at ptolensky@vancouvertbirds.ca

Thank you to our Partners!