Vancouver Thunderbirds Awards

Every year our players and families are so lucky to have members step forward into key leadership roles within the team and association. For some, simply doing the job isn't enough - they do it with an energy and enthusiasm that elevates the entire group.


BRAD ADDISON U6-U9 COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD: Established several years ago to commemorate the memory of Brad Addison, the Brad Addison Coach of the Year Award is awarded to a U6, U7, U8 or U9 coach who best exemplifies the qualities that made Brad a great coach - teaching the skills of the game, love of hockey, patience with the players and FUN.

2022-23 Winner: Blair Casey
2021-22 Winner: Calum MacLeod

2020-21 Winner: Frank Joe
2019-20 Co-Winners: Neil Smith & Paul Casey
2018-19 Co-Winners: Dave Mark & Jeff Seto
2017-18 Winner: Dave Issar


Coach of the Year Awards will be given to a coach in either recreational or rep based on the following criteria: Exhibits dedication and service well beyond the normal expectation of a coach; Follows Fair Play Codes, emphasizes skills development and the fundamentals of the game; Takes part in coach development programs (Canucks Coaching Experience, TBirds Coach The Coach, TBirds Coach meet-ups); Demonstrated and promoted good sportsmanship and citizenship (e.g. involving the team in the community); Demonstrated a respect for the game of hockey; Demonstrated a commitment to improving the game of hockey within Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey (e.g. acting as a mentor to inexperienced coaches); Demonstrated leadership to the players of the team; Provided a good environment for the players of the team to develop their hockey skills/abilities and develop their character in a positive manner; By the end of the season, players demonstrated notable improvement in their hockey skills and abilities; Coached in a fair manner (ie bench utilization, fair ice time); Treated referees and opponents with respect; Focused as hard on building their character as their hockey abilities; Communicated well with parents and players; Demonstrated a balanced approach between playing competitively with the principle that minor hockey is meant to be ‘fun’.

2022-23 Winner: U11/U13 - Shawn McQuistin                      U15/U18 - Nat Fernandez
2021-22 Winner: U11/U13 - Sean Atkinson                            U15/U18 - Jason Chiu
2020-21 Winner: U11/U13 - Brian Dartell & Keith Biln          U15/U18 - Brian Bartlett
2019-20 Winner: Atom/Peewee - Dennis Dong                    Bantam/Midget - Steven Maisey
2018-19 Winner: Atom/Peewee - Jeff Gravistin                     Bantam/Midget - Paul Dhaliwal

WILLIAM STAIGER VOLUNTEER PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD:  Established in 2007/08 in memory of William Staiger, a dedicated Thunderbird Alumnus who returned to help coach. It is open to any TBird alumni in any role, with preference to a coach.

2022-23 Winner: Harrison Brown
2022-21 Winner: Lucas Hildebrand
2021-22 Co-Winners: Jordy Engleson and Jens Persson-Thomas
2020-21 Winner: Lucas Hildebrand
2019-20 Winner: Jim Davis
2018-19 Winner: Greg Rozitis
2017-18 Winner: Mike Nardi

In honor of Don Currie who continues to dedicate so much time and energy to Minor Sports and has done for so many years.  It is awarded to a long-standing volunteer coach in the Vancouver Thunderbird organization.

2022-23 Co-Winners: Paul Dhaliwal & Jon Lazar
2021-22 Winner: Jim Davis
2020-21 Winner: Terry Neill
2019-20 Winner: Matt McColl
2018-19 Winner: Mike Seitz
2017-18 Winner: Jeff Churchill

This award is presented to a Level 1 official (aged 12-15) that best exemplifies the characteristics of an up-and-coming official. Some of the characteristics include the use of proper on-ice procedures, consistently being on time, shows a desire to improve, has a good working relationship with fellow officials, is hard working and fully engaged on the ice.

2022-23 Winner: Aiden Park
2021-22 Winner: Jamie Song
2020-21 Winner: Award not presented due to Covid shortened season
2019-20 Winner: Dana Edamura
2018-19 Winner: Vanessa Schaeffer
2017-18 Winner: Nolan Tenniscoe


VANCOUVER THUNDERBIRD SENIOR REFEREE OF THE YEAR AWARD: This award is presented to a Level 2-or-higher official (aged 16 and above) that exemplifies the characteristics of a successful experienced official. Some characteristics include the use of proper on-ice procedures, is consistently on time, endeavors to improve, works well with fellow officials, is hard working, is fully engaged on the ice, and has excellent rapport with players and team officials. The successful candidate will also give back to the program by helping mentor and develop up and coming officials.

2022-23 Winner: Abiram Yogeshwaran
2021-22 Winner: Brandon Park
2020-21 Winner: Award not presented due to Covid shortened season
2019-20 Winner: Jeffrey Lim
2018-19 Winner: Adam Edamura
2017-18 Winner: Ryan Skalenda


MANAGER OF THE YEAR AWARD: Awarded to a manager in any division who has made exceptional effort to organize and leads the team to a terrific season of hockey while helping create positive experiences for all team members.

2022-23 Winner: Hareesh Sara
2021-22 Winner: Betty Chuck
2020-21 Winner: Andrea Chivers
2019-20 Winner: Lorna Braber
2018-19 Co-Winners: Michelle Bancroft & Harry Gaber
2017-18 Winner: Kalpna Dhanda


PRESIDENT'S SERVICE AWARD: This award is presented to an individual or individuals that have made significant contributions to the association for the betterment of the entire Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey community.

2022-23 Winner: Danny Hildebrand
2021-22 Winner: Matt McColl
2020-21 Winner: Mike Bryden
2019-20 Winner: David Ferguson
2018-19 Co-Winners: Tim Dow & Paul Pulver
2017-18 Winner: Gary Hunter


ELIOPOULOS OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AWARD: Recognizing a person or persons for providing committed and dedicated service to the Thunderbirds.

2022-23 Winner: Gary Hunter
2021-22 Winner: Greg Rozitis
2020-21 Winner: Dan Tung
2019-20 Winner: Mike Manning
2018-19 Winner: Stephanie Kieffer
2017-18 Co-Winners: Chris and Nandia Eliopoulos