Vancouver Thunderbirds Apparel and Equipment Packages

The process for getting T-Birds gear has been improved this year. No more ordering and waiting until December or even January to get your gear. T-Birds x Cyclone Taylor Sports (CTS) is here.

T-Birds have tracked the typical gear that certain teams always seem to buy and have pre-bought it for these teams all together in order to get the highest discounts and speediest delivery.

HPCP teams (specific rep teams) have the cost of their gear included in their HP fee, but individuals or association teams can opt to purchase items.

HCSP teams, as soon as your team is formed, should collect sizing information and get that information to your team manager who will place the order.  If we run out of stock it can take 2-12 weeks to get additional inventory and get it embroidered.

Individuals and other T-Bird association teams may order apparel items by shopping at the Vancouver Cyclone Taylor Sports (CTS) store.

The standard T-Birds discount at CTS is 10% off regularly priced (not on sale) hardware and services. To get this discount, please show CTS staff your T-Birds tattoo during checkout.

Information for T-Bird Teams and Individuals

There is a discounted $395 T-Birds package of protective gear targeted at U6/U7 players consisting of:

  • jock shorts,
  • neck protection,
  • helmet and cage,
  • elbow pads,
  • shoulder pads,
  • pants,
  • shin pads,
  • gloves, skates,
  • bag, and
  • stick

New to hockey players in U6/U7/U8/U9 can also buy items individually for 15% off the regular price or 10% off the sale price. For more information, on discounted gear please visit your nearest Cyclone Taylor Sports.

To access this discount, please mention your name. New to hockey player names have been provided to CTS.

HPCP Teams
All other Rec and Rep Teams

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