h-TBirds volunteer program

Currently Recruiting For:

Thunder No Ball '24 
Silent Auction Coordinators: These individuals will provide support to the silent auction lead with tasks such as gathering information on items, assisting with creating descriptions and posting on the auction site

Wine Basket PackagingAll teams are required to donate a minimum of 2 bottles of wine that are packaged together in themed baskets to create ~15-20 wine basket auction items. This role requires organizing a time around the beginning of February for the group to get together to create baskets and providing a picture and description for the bottles included in each basket.

Wine Basket and Auction Item Delivery Drivers: We will need a few drivers to assist with the delivery of the wine baskets and auction items donated from outside the association following the auction. Timing will be sometime after Feb. 19 through Feb. 25 with some flexibility (drivers will need to work with the wine basket packager who is storing the baskets to determine pick up of their baskets and a schedule of delivery windows will be determined with the winners). 

And many other opportunities to help build the Thunderbird community and create a fun environment for all of our players and families. Check out all the options the Volunteer Portal.

The Thunderbirds Volunteer Program launched for the 2020-21 season. All youth sport relies on families volunteering their time in a variety of roles both within their team environment but also to ensure the programs that impact across multiple teams are successful.

Volunteer Sign-up Process

Team volunteer roles will be managed within the team with confirmation of roles being fulfilled being sent to the Association by the Team Manager/Team Volunteer Coordinator. All Association volunteer opportunities will be posted using the OnVolunteers software program and families will be able to sign up online for any volunteer opportunities they wish to participate in. The software program will track hours and families will be able to see all upcoming roles.

To sign up for a role:

  • Click here to sign in, your username is your email which you used for TeamSnap registration and password is the SAME as your username (please change it when you log in – for help, please use START GUIDE-top right corner of screen). If you cannot login, please contact us at registration@vancouvertbirds.ca
  • On the HOME page, there will be a list of Tasks where volunteers are needed
  • Hover your mouse over the Task and double click
  • Choose the date/time(s) by checking off the check box
  • Go down to the bottom of the page and click on Register

For more information, please use the START GUIDE or contact us at registration@vancouvertbirds.ca


Program Requirements

In true hockey style, the target for everyone to score a hat trick of volunteering!

Goal 1 – Volunteering within your team

The purpose of this goal is to help create a positive team environment and ensure it is a team effort and not left to only the team staff to have a smooth and fun season. Team managers or team volunteer coordinators will provide a sign-up process early in the season for any parents who are not involved as rostered team staff. Below is a list of options but each team can modify and revise as desired in order for parents to assist in ways that may utilize unique skill sets.

  1. Rostered team staff: Coaches – Head Coach, Assistant coaches and on-ice volunteers; Team Manager; HCSP
  2. Treasurer
  3. Volunteer Coordinator
  4. Team Communications person
  5. Fundraising lead
  6. Timekeeper Coordinator
  7. Scorekeeper Coordinator
  8. Two Deep Coordinator
  9. Equipment manager
  10. Referee Coordinator & payments
  11. Social Coordinator – players
  12. Social Coordinator - parents
  13. Statistical support (if requested by Coach)
  14. And so many other options

Note: all families in U11 Recreational and U6-U9 are required to help host the TBird tournament. This is mandatory for all who participate in the tournament. 

There are no exceptions to this requirement. Every family must be an active member of their team in some way.


Goals 2 & 3 – Volunteering for Association led programs and events

Each season, a number of programs and events are operated for TBirds both on and off the ice that are outside the team grouping. These range from the balancing or tryout processes, fundraisers, photo day, RecFest, Players Giving Back, Clean Gear Equipment Program and so many more. In order for us to continue to offer these and potentially add other opportunities, volunteers are required in a variety of roles. For each player, a family will be required to volunteer for 3 hours total to fulfill the final two goals of the hat trick, to a maximum of 6 hours per family. Only tasks listed on the official volunteer sign up site will receive credit for the hours, but parents are welcome to work with the Executive Director to set up a new task that they would like to be part of adding to the Thunderbird family.

Examples of potential volunteer opportunities:

  • Special events planning support such as RecFest, rep tryout volunteer coordinator, U6-U9 Skills Competition, Graduating Midgets 3 on 3 tourney, TBirds in the Community event, etc
  • Event on-site shifts such as check-in table at various events, timekeeper at tryouts or balancing, photo day, tournament rink supervisor, two deep for camps/clinics
  • On-ice assistance for U6-U9 skill groups requiring additional coaching support
  • Roles that fulfill the maximum requirement for Goals 2 & 3 include Board member, Division Ambassador, Thunderbird Risk Manager, Thunderbird Volunteer Coordinator, Task Group member (eg sponsorship, coach selection, coach support, sponsorship, fundraising), and Program Leads (eg Players Giving Back, First Shift, TBirds in the Community, etc.)

As they require more hours than other roles, the following team-based roles will exempt the family from being required to complete this part of the program:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coaches (maximum 3 per team)
  • Team Manager (maximum 1 per team)
  • HCSP (maximum 2 per team)


Fee Refund

As part of the program, a $150 fee will be collected with the initial registration for each player, to a cap of $300 per family. All families who achieve the requirements for all three goals will receive a refund on the volunteer program fee. It is expected that batch refunds will be processed three times per season; one around Thanksgiving, one prior to Christmas and one at the conclusion of the season. If a family has not reached the requirement, they will not receive any part of the fee refunded. The program requires a full commitment to be eligible for a refund.


Opt-out option

For any family that does not want to volunteer for the association elements (ie Goals 2 & 3), you may email registration@vancouvertbirds.ca and you will not receive the reminders. However, note that there are no exceptions to assisting within your team environment(s) so Goal 1 is still required to be fulfilled by all as part of ensuring your child and all their teammates have a great season.