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Vancouver Thunderbirds are planning to host three major tournaments for the 2021-22 season. At this point, we are only accepting Expressions of Interest for these tournaments. Teams will be invited based on the order the expression of interest is received once formal registration begins.

Please complete the form below if you would like to be added to the waiting list. A submission of the Expression of Interest form DOES NOT indicate acceptance to the tournament. Teams will receive a formal invitation to register.

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U13 Rep
Tier 3 (8 teams)
Tier 4 (8 teams)

October 8-11, 2021

* 5 games per team

* Swag & snacks for each player

* $1350 per team

U11 "C" (16 teams)

November 11-14, 2021

* 5 games per team

* Swag and snacks for each player

* $1350 per team


2022 Family Day Winter Classic
(40-50 teams overall,
dependent on ice availability)

February 18-21, 2022

* 4 games per team

* Swag and snacks for each player

* $1095 per team

Please complete a separate form for each team you may be submitting for.

Note that for the Remembrance Day Cup and Family Day Winter Classic event, we will allow a maximum of two teams from each MHA per division, however we will only invite the second team once all MHAs that submit have the opportunity to have one team attend. Typically most teams that submit are invited however we cannot guarantee it. 

No payment is required until your team is officially invited. All registration fees will be 100% refundable in the event of a shutdown by health authorities.