Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey Forms

As the season progresses, standard forms that are required by our players, parents and team staff will be added to this page. If a form you require is not listed here, please contact us and let us know!

All Things Ice

Conflict games, Ice cancellations or available ice requests can all be done on this page.

Game Officials

Request, modify a previous request or cancel a request for Game Officials, this is the place!

Expense form

Any approved expenses from our Tbird family need to be submitted to our accounting department using this form.

Team Injury Log

Injury Tracking Log - Document hockey player injuries including date, description, treatment, and follow-up. Tracks status of return to play process. For use by team safety personnel.

Return to Play

Any time a player is required to miss an ice session or is removed from an ice session due to injury, this form is required prior to being permitted back on the ice.

Tournament Permission Letter Request

Entering tournaments are one of the highlights of every season - but before you can attend, it is critical to obtain the proper permissions including a letter from the Thunderbirds association.