Division and Team Contacts

We will add the main contacts for the 2021-22 season as they are confirmed. If a division does not have someone listed, you can direct any questions to thunderbirds@vancouvertbirds.ca

U6-U9 Division Ambassadors

U6: Niki Colley and Cherie Mah

U7: Diana Power and Dana Berzina

U8: Kristen Snyder and Anita Gee

U9: Carrie Linegar and Chris Wai


Recreational Division Ambassadors & Team Managers

U11: Yuki Namekawa and TBD

U13: Ernest Au and TBD

U15: Dian Moon and Gina Nasrabadi

U18: Kalpna Dhanda and Karrie Bogart


Rep Team Managers

Official Team Managers will be named following the assignment of the teams, however for the interim, you can contact:

U11 A1: Lorna Braber - Interim Team Manager
U11 A2: Andrea Chivers / Angela Diomis - Interim Team Managers
U11 A3: Mike Wong / Delwin Yung - Interim Team Managers
U11 A4: Deb Young - Interim Team Manager

U13A1: Ann Mukai - Team Manager
U13A2: Rob Valley - Team Manager
U13A3: Matt Keen - Team Manager
U13A4: Bo Rothstein - Interim Team Manager

U15A1: Mischa Taylor - Team Manager
U15A2: John Bethell - Team Manager
U15A3: Peter Suter - Team Manager

U18A1: Steven Maisey - Head Coach
U18A2: Jason MacCulloch - Head Coach