h-season reg 2021

The Vancouver Thunderbirds open up registration for the following season typically in May (returning players) and June (new to TBirds players) of each year. Current members of the TBirds family do get a head start but we bring in new members every season, and do everything possible to find a spot for every player who wants to play.

Vancouver Thunderbirds will offer programs in 2024-25 for all players born in 2004-2019:

U7:  2018-2019
U9:  2016-2017
U11: 2014-2015
U13: 2012-2013
U15: 2010-2011
U18: 2007-2009
U21: 2004-2006

The map shows the dividing line between the Vancouver Thunderbirds (left side of the blue line) and Vancouver Minor (right side of the blue line). As per Hockey Canada rules, players must play for the minor hockey association they reside within the boundary of. If you are wanting to join the Vancouver Thunderbirds, and you reside on the left side of the blue line, please see the section below  "2024-25 Season Registration for Players New to the Thunderbirds" for the next steps.

After reviewing the information below, should you have any questions, please email our office at registration@vancouvertbirds.ca

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Frequently Asked Questions: Registration

Registration Form Questions

How do I find out what my Hockey Canada ID number is?
When you start enter your child’s information on the registration page, the Hockey Canada ID should populate base on your child’s name and birthdate that you’ve entered.

If it doesn’t and you don’t know what it is, please contact our office at registration@vancouvertbirds.ca with your child’s full name and date of birth including year.

You will receive a response within two business days with this information.


The form won't let me go past the first page, what is wrong?
The most common issue is that there is a space after either the Hockey Canada ID number and/or your email address. Check to see if there is an extra space in these fields and remove it and try again to move forward.

Check to ensure the birthdate of the player is correct. If the birthdate is not correct,  send us the correct birthdate information and we will get it corrected.

You may need to log out of TeamSnap and log back in. From time to time, especially if you use TeamSnap for other teams/programs, it needs to be reset.

Some firewalls also present issues for computers that we are not able to assist with.


Can I register both of my children at the same time?
For returning players yes! TeamSnap will ask you to complete the Player Information for all players being registered for within a family at the same time.

Complete the information for the first player and then select the “Add Participant” button and complete the information for the next player.

You can continue doing this for as many players as you have in your family.

However if you have a child who played with us last season and a new player coming in who didn't, the timing for these registrations will be different and you will need to wait until you are given the link to register your new player in June.


Why do I need to enter each player’s Hockey Canada ID number and Hockey Canada Division? Don’t you already know that?
TeamSnap and Hockey Canada have a partnership that brings multiple elements of the overall registration process into one simply by having the Hockey Canada ID number and the Hockey Canada Division submitted with each of our returning players during registration. Note this is for returning players only. For players who are entering their first year of organized hockey, the association will be extending an invite when registration for New players opens up in mid June or shortly thereafter.


The default date of birth for my child is incorrect and it won't allow me to complete the registration if I correct it. What should I do?
This is part of the verification piece with Hockey Canada. If this happens, please email our office with your child's name and the correct date of birth so it can be updated in the Hockey Canada Registry. This will enable you to complete the registration with the correct information.


The form requires one parent’s (or guardian’s) information but allows for two. What is the benefit of including two parent’s information?
The information provided in these sections will become the official contacts used for all communication from the association and this information will be the initial communication setup for any team communications. Contact information provided in previous seasons will be replaced with the information submitted during this registration period so please ensure you include anyone who wishes to receive important information and updates regarding the 2024-25 season.


What days/times of the week will my child have ice sessions? 
We won't have our finalized ice allocations from the City of Vancouver until the summer. We are planning to post the schedule for each division in mid to late August however these will be subject to change until the start of the season.


Typically when are my ice times?

U7-U9: Ice sessions can start as early as 7:15 am on weekends and 4 pm on weekdays.
U11: Team practices can start as early as 6:00 am on weekdays and 7:00 am on weekends. After school sessions can start as early as 4:00 pm.
U13: Team practices can start as early as 6:00 am on weekdays, 7:00 am on weekends. After school sessions can start as early as 4 pm.
U15: Team practices can start as late as 8:30 pm.
U18: Team practices can start as late as 9:45 pm.


When can we sign up for the High Performance program led by Derek Popke?
Registration for the HP program with Derek Popke will begin following the first round of tryouts for U11 and U13 and first weekend of assessments for U9 with information distributed to those who are eligible for the program. For the 2024-25 season it is expected that options will be provided for U9 to U13 with a possibility of some U7 players receiving special invitations to join. 


What are my options for paying the registration fees?
All registrations will be required to be paid by credit card through TeamSnap.


What if I don’t have a credit card?
Please contact our office at registration@vancouvertbirds.ca to make alternative arrangements. Please note that online registration will still be required.  Roster spots will be tentatively held for 10 days to allow for the cheque to be received, and a further 5 days to allow the cheque to clear at which time the registration will become official.


Is there an option to pay the registration fees by installments?
Yes. During checkout, you will have the opportunity to select to pay the full amount (default selection) OR Pay by Installment.  For the “Installment Plan” option, during checkout, in Step 2 'Confirm payment and Finish Checkout', choose the Pay by Installment option.  If you select the Installment plan, the schedule will be:

  • $150 at time of registration
  • remainder split evenly between 2 future dates: July 1 and August 1

Proof of Residency

Why am I being asked to provide a document with my address? I already provided this when I first joined TBirds?
It is the responsibility of families to maintain accurate records with their minor hockey associations. Hockey Canada operates by a boundary system for minor hockey in which players are required to play within their specified boundary. If a family moves out of the boundary of their current association, they are required to transfer to their new association. TBirds could be fined or suspended if players are found to be playing with us but not living in our area. PCAHA has asked that associations become more diligent in confirming  the residency of their players.


Do both parents have to live in the same boundary? 
No. We do ask that the address of the parent/guardian who does live within the Thunderbird boundary is the one used for the player's registration to ensure there are no potential flags.


Who needs to submit proof of residency? 
Further information will be communicated at a later date.


What should I submit?
If you are planning to return, please send us ONE proof of residence document such as (not older than 3 months):

    1. Property Tax or Signed Rental agreement
    2. Full page Utility or Cable Bill
    3. MSP Bill
    4. Copy of Driver’s License with address AND Copy of Car Insurance (Please note that these 2 documents count as 1 proof of residency)
    5. Bank or Credit card statement
    6. GST statement or Income Tax assessment

Please send the document to registration@vancouvertbirds.ca with your child’s FIRST AND LAST NAME as the subject line.  If you have more than 1 child, please put all the first names and last name in the subject line.