Covid = Continual Change

As we have come out of the winter break, there have already been some changes to Covid protocols in many areas of life, including TBird land. We anticipate that we will see a number of changes implemented to deal with the Omicron variant surge and again when we start to see this current wave start to decline.

As a community association that offers programming to a cross section of the community, we must follow all BC government and health authority protocols, and we also have layers added from the sport governing bodies of viaSport, PCAHA, BC Hockey and Hockey Canada. We do our best to get information to our members as quickly as possible in ways that are as clear as possible, but sometimes the water is a bit murky and we often have to look for clarification. Do not hesitate to ask a question if you are uncertain. We are here to help teams find a pathway through. We cannot change the rules, we can only help apply them to our specific environments.

We will have the most up to date information linked to from our home page. For the current on-venue protocols for our teams and visitors at the rink, it is the red box under the top banner. For any of our TBird players or team staff members who have to enter self-isolation protocols for Covid-19 purposes, there is a blue box immediately under the red one with specific information for you.

It is really important that both your team HCSP and the Association knows who is in self-isolation for Covid-19 purposes as we need to monitor for potential transmission within and across groups simultaneously.

  • If you are a TBird player or team staff, please complete this form as soon as possible.
  • If you are a parent or family member, we do not need to have you complete the form but please ensure you are not coming to the rink if you have symptoms and you are following all protocols for close contacts for any TBird player or team staff you reside with.

Thank you for being part of the reason we can stay on the ice!

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TBirds Tidbits

current as of January 18, 2022

  • Tournament play is not permitted - only league games where team members compete on an individual basis against members of one other team. This is included in the PHO order currently scheduled to be reviewed by February 16.
  • Interprovincial and international travel is not permitted for Vancouver Thunderbird teams.
  • Return to play following a positive test is permitted following five days for those fully vaccinated or ten days for those not fully vaccinated. Close contacts with no symptoms do not need to self-isolate, but must self-monitor closely for any symptoms. We ask all players who are deemed close contacts and who are not fully vaccinated to wear a mask while on the ice unless they are medically unable to.
  • Any player or team staff member who enters self-isolation protocols is required to complete this form to inform the association. This allows us to track cases within and across specific teams/skill groups/clinic settings so we can best provide direction.
  • Thunder-No-Ball is coming up fast! For those who are interested in donating an auction item, please complete this form with information on the item. Stay tuned for more information on this event over the coming days.
  • We continue to adhere to all protocols as directed from the government of BC and our sport governing bodies.
  • If families choose to car pool, please ensure all members are wearing masks, a window is kept open as possible to increase air flow and proper cleaning is occurring in the car interior. Hockey is deemed a low risk for transmissibility of Covid-19 but car pooling is a much higher level of concern so please do everything you can to reduce the risk.

T-Birds News Corner

January 18 updates to self-isolation guidelines

In recent days we have been seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases within TBirds that is reflective of our broader Vancouver community. We are also seeing that our protocols are allowing our teams to be minimally impacted. It is essential that anyone who experiences symptoms isolates for the required period of time and completes the…

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TBird Protocols for returning to the ice in January 2022

We are currently still able to hold league games, practices and clinics in the same way as we were prior to the winter break. However, as you’ve likely seen in the news, the provincial guidelines and COVID testing requirements are changing quickly. So, in response, we’ve decided to implement some refinements to our protocols which…

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Thunderbirds Winter Newsletter

For the latest information from TBird land, read our latest newsletter. 

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Thunderbird Snapshot

  • January 19 - Board meeting
  • February 1 - Launch of Thunder-No-Ball Silent Auction
  • February 9 - Thunder-No-Ball Dinner Night In and 9 PM Close of Silent Auction
  • February 16 - Board meeting
  • February 18-21 - Thunderbird Family Day Tournament
  • March 5-6 - President's C League Championship Weekend