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Recreational "C" Division

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Let the Games Begin!

I'm not sure about you, but the past 6 weeks have been a bit of a blur. School starting, players heading back to the rink, what has seemed like a continuous series of zoom calls, but here we are. Our younger ages are in skill groups, and our U11 and older divisions are entering PCAHA league play. Considering we didn't have a minute of ice time as of August 26, this is truly a miracle. With large parts of our country being forced to shut down activities like hockey, we truly are fortunate to live where we do. None of this should be taken for granted and while this period is not one any of us would want to live again, the way that our TBird family and the broader PCAHA group has pulled together is something we need to stop for a moment and acknowledge. #WeAreBackTogether is the only way this could have been done and to all of our parents, players and extended families who have played a role, thank you!

As we begin to head into other rinks to play in other communities, please do what you can to keep everyone around you safe and be sure to follow the rules. Most MHAs are posting venue information on their websites and team managers are hopefully going to be communicating a lot this season so there are no surprises, but we will need to be ready for anything this year. Every venue will be different - group sizes will be different, mask protocols will be different, timing of entering/exiting will be different, etc etc. Venue staff will be holding tight to the rules and there will be no grey zone. Everyone is on the same side which is simply doing what is needed to be done to allow hockey to happen. It is very likely there will be moments of frustration as rules change daily and sometimes won't get to you before you show up - it will be difficult but we all just have to smile, nod, ask for clarification and just continue.

Good luck to all our groups/teams as things start to settle in!

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TBirds Tidbits

current as of October 15, 2020

  • TBird apparel from Cyclone Taylor and BeastVan now available for ordering:
    • Cyclone Taylor - group/team order must be submitted together for flyer items (talk to your team manager/Division Ambassador for more information). Other TBird apparel items are available for sale in the store for those interested in something else or if a team does not wish to order the same item. Order deadline dates = October 25 and November 15
    • BeastVan has set up an online store where individuals can order what they would like. All items will be packaged together by team/group for distribution. Order deadline dates = October 25 and November 25
    • Note that these are the only two companies that have permission to use the TBird logo on any apparel items and teams are asked to honour the partnerships by not going to other companies for any team apparel needs

  • PCAHA league games have started! U18 C1 and C2 participated in opening night in a hard fought 2-1 battle

T-Birds News Corner

2020-21 Points of Focus Review Meeting

Special thanks to our Referee-in-Chief Trevor Boudreau for walking us through the 6 Points of Focus on rule changes for the 2020-21 season. For those coaches who were unable to attend the meeting, please click here to watch the recording.  

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September 16 Parent Meeting – Recreational and Rep

Last night Thunderbirds hosted parent information meetings for the U11-U18 recreational and rep divisions to provide some information on the upcoming balancing process, tryouts and post-Thanksgiving league play. If you missed the sessions, you can watch the recordings below by clicking on the name of the session: Joint Information Session – covers items that impact…

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Announcing our Rep Coach Lineup for 2020-21

Over the past few weeks, we have been in discussion with a large number of coaches. As Covid-19 has caused delays to starts of the season for some leagues, the silver lining is Thunderbird have been fortunate to secure high level coaches to help us get the season off to a great start. Those marked…

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Thunderbird Snapshot

  • October 13 - November 2: Round 1 game play for U13 and U18

  • October 21 - Board meeting

  • October 27 - November 16: Round 1 game play for U11 to U15
    exhibition games permitted from October 13 to start of Round 1 with Round 1 cohort teams
  • November 17 - December 7: Round 2 game play for U13 and U18
    exhibition games permitted to December 14 with Round 2 cohort teams
  • December 1 - December 21: Round 2 game play for U11 to U15 
  • January 1 - January 21: Round 3 game play for U13 and U18
  • January 15 - February 4: Round 3 game play for U11 to U15
    exhibition games permitted January 8-14 with Round 3 cohort teams
  • February 5 - February 25: Round 4 game play for U13 and U18
    exhibition games permitted February 26 - March 11 with Round 4 cohort teams
  • February 19 - March 11: Round 4 game play for U11 and U15