Every player who gets the opportunity to win an award includes a thank you to their parents - often including a mention for driving them to various early morning practices or tournaments. Being a hockey parent is not an easy role and we are dedicated to providing information in a timely manner to assist you over the year.

The ABCs for Thunderbird Parents

In order to help us create the best experience for our players, there are a few things parents will need to know and to help with.

Respect in Sport - Parent Module

This program will help define a model of behaviour for all parents and create a more rewarding, safe and respectful environment for everyone involved.

Concussion Awareness

Cattonline.com provides up-to-date concussion education for parents and coaches. It includes resources to effectively prevent, recognize and manage recovery.

Parent Participation

Our parents are our most valuable resource and we want everyone to enjoy their experience - players, parents and team staff.

Sportsmanship starts in the stands

An educational program launched by BC Hockey in partnership with the Vancouver Canucks encourages positive behaviour by hockey parents in the rink.