With the 2023-24 season, Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey's vision and mission.

Vision: A thriving hockey community in which players, coaches, officials and volunteers are valued, respected and engaged.

Association's Mission: Creating a rewarding hockey experience for our community of players that is founded on character, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence on and off the ice.

With these front of mind, and our desire of bringing the athlete experience to the forefront of all decision making, our goal is simple - to make playing hockey as a Thunderbird a great experience!

But we cannot accomplish this as a Board and staff without the support and assistance of the people who have the greatest influence on our players...our Thunderbird parents.

Your Mission

Simply put, we will not be a successful association without your help. We have a handful of non-parent coaches, the rest are on the ice with their child's team. All of our managers are parents. Tournaments are led and organized by parents. There isn't a single function over the year that does not happen without the involvement of our parents.

At the beginning of every season, every parent will be required to indicate how they will assist their team or the Association. The following list provides a list of options and additional ones may be presented by your team manager.

Association Volunteer Roles

During registration, parents will have the opportunity to select one or more of the following areas to obtain more information about. If you are interested in any of these roles, and did not indicate it during registration for your player(s), please contact us here.

Team Staff Roles

Team Level Volunteer Roles