Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey members will participate in the following four fundraisers for the 2019/20 season:

  1. Thunderball is an annual gathering which gives the parents a night out.  This year's theme...THE 90's!! Think grunge bands (Nirvana, Pearl Jam), plaid flannel shirts, stonewashed jeans, Doc Martens, butterfly hair clips and bandanas.More information can be found here or on the Thunderball 2020 site. Tickets now on sale!
  2. Purdy's Chocolates fundraiser: Who doesn't like chocolate?? Time to order some gifts for any occasion, but with delivery in early December, all those holiday festivities are made even better when you come bearing chocolate. Every member will be able to choose from a wide variety of Purdy's favorites wrapped and ready for you to give to your friends or family and, of course, a little something for yourself!
    • Step 1: Your team manager/fundraising lead will have individualized flyers for everyone with a unique code for you to share with your friends and family. If you haven't received it yet, ask your team manager/fundraising lead.
    • Step 2: Ordering is now open (see instructions on your flyer) and will close November 27.
    • Step 3: In early December, there will be a mass packing event that will have everyone's orders put into bags/boxes according to each order. All team members' orders will be grouped together for pick up. More Information on dates/location will be provided to your team manager/fundraising lead when details are finalized.
      Profits applied to: 25% of all sales come back to TBirds and used to offset registration fees for Thunderbird members. 
  3. ShopFunds Gift Cards - new this season is a chance to order a wide variety of gift cards. Everything from everyday use (gas, groceries) to specialty stores (Amazon, iTunes) to a fun night out (Cineplex, restaurants) and so much more is available.
    • Step 1: Complete the order form (click here).
    • Step 2: Submit your completed order form with payment to your team manager/fundraising lead in time for them to hand it all in on November 4.
    • Step 3: Team orders will be available for pick up at Photo day (November 17)
      Profits applied to: The percentage listed on the order form of all sales come back to TBirds and used to offset registration fees for Thunderbird members. 
  4. FlipGive - here's a chance for teams to raise money for themselves to use this season.
    • Step 1: Everyone was sent an invitation from FlipGive to join their team page (check your junk mail if it didn't get to your inbox or email flipgive@vancouvertbirds.ca with the name of your player if you need it to be resent).
    • Step 2: Before you shop online, go to www.flipgive.com and search for the store. If it is part of the hundreds of stores participating, it will be shown in the results. Simply click on it, select shop now and it will take you directly to that store's website where you can shop as usual. Your team will receive cash back based on your purchases a few days later and you will get the same item you were going to buy anyway.
    • Step 3: Watch for bonus opportunities (eg $50 bonus if your team raises $20 in shopping by October 31).
    • Step 4: If your team raises a minimum of $100 by December 1, your team will have the option to receive a cheque that month.
    • Step 5: The fundraiser will end on February 15 with all proceeds at that time provided to the teams.