Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey members will have the opportunity to participate in some great fundraisers that don't feel like work.

For the 2022-23 season we have three fundraising initiatives that will be part of the official program.

  1. Thunder-NO-Ball: Thunderball has been an annual banquet where parents escape for a night to have some fun. With a theme, party games and an auction, this event has been used to raise approximately $20,000 each year. In 2020-21, everything changed including how we ran this event. It became the Thunder-NO-Ball and all profits were directed to the new Thunderbird Bursary. With TBird members donating an unprecedented 103 silent auction items, almost 100 families participating in the Take Out Dinner night with AJ's Pizza and BierCraft while others provided direct donations, we raised over $21,000 in a very unusual year. We will be continuing with the Thunder-NO-Ball concept and look forward to another exceptional evening.  Click here for all the details.
  2. Purdy's Chocolates fundraiser: Who doesn't like chocolate?? Definitely not the TBirds as we have partnered with Purdy's for the last two years and raised over $15,000 each year with a pre-Christmas sale with 25% of sales coming back to TBirds.
  3. FlipGive - teams have the opportunity to use the TBirds association account to raise funds directly for their team to offset team fees or cover the cost of a tournament registration. Every dollar raised by a team is theirs to keep.  Click here for more details.