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Planning is currently underway for the 2017-18 season of fundraising initiatives. There are two categories of fundraising that our members may be required to assist with:

Association wide activities:
a) Thunderball is an annual gathering which gives the parents a night out. Following a different theme each year, the evening requires all teams to provide donations for the incredibly popular silent auction. The 2018 event will take place on January 27, 2018 - more details to come! This is the premier fundraising endeavor for Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey and is counted upon to provide a significant investment into the future of the program.

b) The Athletix Pro Hockey Pool fundraiser gives our association the opportunity to raise $50,000!!!  Athletix is a NHL hockey pool fundraiser where participants purchase a ticket for $20. Each ticket sold and activated will allow for 3 randomly pre-selected new teams per week of the 17 week period in the pool. Goals from the 3 teams played between Monday to Sunday will be added together to get a weekly total. The 5 tickets with the highest total goals scored will win a prize.

Click here for the team tracker form for the 2017/18 fundraiser.

Team specific activities:
Teams will require to raise additional funds for a variety of reasons (tournaments, additional ice, additional skills coaches, etc). These activities will be communicated to all parents through the team manager including an indication if the fundraising is optional to participate in or if it is required by all team members. Please note that each team participates in different activities and parents should address any questions or concerns initially with the team manager.


Why does Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey implement mandatory fundraising initiatives?

The simple answer is that every dollar collected goes against the association's expenses. This allows us to continue offering similar programming as in the previous season without continually increasing fees in spite of continually increasing costs. While for some it may be easier if they could bypass the added fundraising requirements and simply have the fees increased, we have a number of families within our membership who greatly sacrifice in order to ensure their children play hockey. By spreading the fundraising elements throughout the season, when there is a cash requirement, it makes this much easier to handle financially.