New to TBirds Coach Application Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Vancouver Thunderbirds coaching staff. We welcome applications from coaches at all levels of their career as we strive to work with each of our coaches to continually develop and become amazing leaders for our players.

U6-U18 recreational
We welcome applications from anyone with a passion to coach young hockey players at the recreational level. If you have coached with TBirds in the 2020-21 season, you do not need to submit an application.

Applications for rep team Head and Assistant Coaches for our 2021/22 season will be accepted until all positions are filled.

We currently have openings for the following rep teams.

U11 teams - 3 paid Head Coach positions including A1 team, 4-6 volunteer Assistant Coach positions

U13 - 1 Head Coach position (U13 A4 team), 4-6 volunteer Assistant Coach positions

U15 - 1-2 Assistant Coach positions (honorarium)

U18 - TBD

Please complete the following application in full. Once submitted it will be considered by our Coach Selection Task Group to determine if there is a good fit for you with the TBirds.

About Coaching with the Thunderbirds

Our players' welfare is at the center of our every decision as an organization, and we ask that all coaches follow a "player first" approach. We do not place winning as the most important element of the game, but rather the overall skill development of all of our players. We desire to have every player feel valued throughout the season, and we know that the team staff, led by the coaches, play the most pivotal role in accomplishing this.

It is our ultimate goal that every player that dons a Thunderbirds jersey believes hockey should, and can be, a positive part of their life so they will want to play not only throughout minor hockey, but throughout their adult life. This can only be accomplished by having minor hockey coaches that create a positive environment and allow players the opportunity to be challenged. If you are someone who can help us achieve this goal, we want to hear from you!

Within all levels of the association, we strive to provide opportunities for professional development. This starts with providing information and supporting our coaches financially for the clinics they may need to obtain, but it continues beyond the basics. We implemented a new Coach Support program in 2018/19 and are excited to expand what has been started We want to work with each coach to identify their future coaching goals and find opportunities to help you achieve them.

Coach Support Program

  • U6 division: A lead skill instructor is on the ice for all ice times prior to Christmas and 3 of 4 ice times every two weeks post-Christmas as we start to train our parent coaches to Soar!
  • U7 - U9 division: For the 2021-22 season, we will have two elements of support for our coaches:
    • Skill Groups: Vancouver Hockey School (led by Derek Popke) will rotate through all skill groups for these ages with each having a VHS instructor on the ice ~once a month. We will also be adding on-ice support throughout the skill groups to supplement the ice times VHS attends.
    • Teams: Stan Sibert's role has been expanded to act as the Coach Development Lead for U7-U9 in addition to this role he has played for our rep division the last two seasons. His focus will be on mentoring and training our parent coaches starting in U7.
  • U11 - U18 Recreational division:  Mike Todd is entering his fifth season as the Director, Player and Coach Development, Recreational. He provides direct support to all recreational teams.
  • U11 - U18 Rep division: Stan Sibert is entering his third season as the Coach Development Lead working with our rep coaching staffs.