Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey is committed to providing the best support to our players, on and off the ice. To assist with this mandate, we will continue to use ePACT, an online emergency network, for the upcoming hockey season.

ePACT connects our coaches, managers, HCSP, and players’ families through a highly secure, online network, allowing us to access critical information and communicate in case of emergency. Whether it is an illness or injury of one of our players, or an evacuation or power outage impacting an entire team, ePACT helps us better support our players and connect with their families and emergency contacts.

Using ePACT:

  • Each player's family receives an email inviting them to use ePACT.
  • Families create their ePACT account, entering required details, such as medical needs and emergency contacts, which we previously collected on paper forms.
  • Families securely connect with Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey, allowing coaches/managers access to their information.
  • Families can update ePACT anytime during the year, and Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey will automatically be alerted (e.g. add a new cell phone or new emergency contact, and the team coach/manager receives the update).

ePACT maintains the same levels of security and privacy as online banks, while providing anytime, anywhere access via web or mobile.

If medical information or contact details are needed at practice, at a game or on the road, ePACT is there.