This page is for all game officials working at games hosted by the Vancouver Thunderbirds.

Please note that the venue rules are not optional. It is expected that all rules will be followed and that venue staff will be treated with respect and listened to. If any game official is found to be violating the rules or is not cooperative with venue staff, they may not be permitted to be assigned to any future games.

You must check in with the home team upon arrival at the venue to provide your contact tracing information and complete a verbal health check. If you do not, you will not be permitted to enter the building, no payment will be made and it will be reported to your assignor. 

If you are assigned to back to back games, you must provide the timekeeper of the second game with your name and contact information. They can then send this information to the person in charge of submitting the contact tracing list for the ice session. It is a legal requirement that every ice session have a full list and this will be the only way to allow game officials to remain inside the building between games and not exit and re-enter. 

If you have any questions prior to arriving at the game, you can reach out to the relevant Team Manager for the home team as listed on this page.

Information on each venue TBirds host games out of can be found below.