Our referee assignor, Nandia, has a huge task to do and is simply amazing at taking care of our game officials and teams throughout the season. Our goal should be to make her life as easy as possible, which at the end of the day means we all have game officials show up for our games.

For league play, the schedule is submitted to Nandia and she will assign referees based on that. For any conflict games, please ensure you use either the cancel form below or, if you know when you will play that game, the change request form.

For any exhibition games, the team is responsible for requesting game officials using the Request Game Officials form below.

Game Official Fees

The Association will pay for game officials for all rep tryout exhibition games scheduled by the association as well as all PCAHA scheduled games including balancing/tiering, league and playoff games but the team is responsible for all game officials' fees for exhibition games they arrange. For Below Atom teams, all regular season games that are arranged during the game ice slots provided by the association are covered.

Each team will receive an advance at the beginning of the season for this purpose. Every team will be required to maintain a record of game officials payments to submit at the end of the season and settle for shortage/overage with the Association. It is highly recommended that your team manager or designate keep track of each game including the number of game officials and amount paid out as they will need it to be able to submit the reconciliation in December and at the end of the season.

Note that the Association only covers the cost for game officials for league games, and not exhibition games.

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