Managers are the glue that holds everything together...and we do mean EVERYTHING! Managers are the only reason that players know when to show up, that coaches know who is on their team, and that parents know everything they need to do/bring/help with. This page is all about providing at least a starting point on a broad range of topics that will come up during the season.

It is important to know that you are not alone! Even though you may be the person everyone on your team goes to for answers, you may not have all the information and it is much better to ask for clarification or assistance. If you have questions , there are a number of places you can go for help. If you are a team manager, other team managers or your division manager will serve as your best support network. As well, our staff are always here to help resolve situations you are uncertain of.

Together, all of our managers and division managers form the Thunderbirds Manager Support Network.

What is the Thunderbirds Manager Support Network?

Launching later in August, the Thunderbirds Manager Support Network (TMSN) will be an online resource for team managers to have access to everything we have thought of that you may need to know. Over the season, if we have missed something, we are counting on our network of team and division managers to help us fill in the gaps.

While an online resource will be helpful in most situations, we also know that nothing can replace the ability to speak with someone who has been there in the past. The TMSN will also serve as a mechanism to reach out to others to ask for help, ideas or just a tip or two.

Stay tuned as we are excited to launch this new initiative in time for the season!