Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey - Policies and Procedures

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Communication Protocol (PCAHA rule): As of the 2017-18 season, the PCAHA has mandated the manner in which issues or concerns are to be raised within associations and to the PCAHA. Under no circumstance shall a parent or player directly communicate with the PCAHA - our association may be fined if you do! We have modified their established communication model (in blue) to identify how it fits within the Vancouver Thunderbirds organizational structure (in red).

Communication model 2018

PLAYER MOVEMENT - Except as described in the Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey Player Movement Policy, the deadline for requests for players to play up or down a division (player movement) is January 31 of the season prior to season in which the player wishes to play up or down.  Applications should be submitted on or before this date to both the office (thunderbirds@vancouvertbirds.ca) and to the Director of the division from which the player is requesting the move.  Please see the Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey Player Movement Policy for more information. Please direct any questions and copies of your requests to the Director overseeing the division from which you are requesting the move - click here for the list of Directors and their portfolios.

Please note that in addition to the considerations outlined in the Player Movement Policy, the availability of space in Hockey 2 to Hockey 4 and Recreational may be a factor in granting player movement.


EQUAL ICE TIME:  PCAHA demands that all players regardless of playing ability receive equal ice time. This rule is strictly adhered to at Initiation and Recreational. The policy for Rep teams is applied more generally on a seasonal basis rather than game-by-game.

ZERO TOLERANCE: Our Association has a zero tolerance policy regarding Harassment and Abuse. Signed Codes of Conduct are required of ALL our coaches, players and parents. If you require more information please contact our Risk Manager/ Harassment & Abuse Officer.

EQUIPMENT:  Any Association hockey equipment that is intentionally damaged in any way will be billed to that player. Name bars and letters that are not removed without damage to the jerseys will result in forfeiture of the jersey deposit.