RecFest 2023 U15
Kerrisdale - Saturday, March 4

Kerrisdale Arena

Parents - (thanks in advance for your help with the following):
- 2 Deep rule at ALL times in the dressing rooms
- 1-2 "coaches" on the bench to open gates and just help get the players into a rotation
- Timekeeper for each game





1:00 PM 1:25 PM 1  vs. 2
1:35 PM 2:00 PM 2  vs. 3
  2:15 PM   2:40 PM 1  vs. 3
2:50 PM 3:15 PM   First Place Game


Each game will begin with a max 5 minute warm-up. All games are running time. NHL Style Shootout at end if tied.


Team 1

Position Name
Goalie James Rutherford
Goalie Paxton Grimminck
D Bennett McLeod
D Eli Faibish
D Tyler Cheung
F Ben Corrin
F Caden Isbister
F Gavin Biln
F Jacob Earmme
F Julian Gamel
F William Becker Pos
F Wyatt Morphy

Team 2

Position Name
Goalie Andrew Rutherford‐Braun
Goalie Robert Vanagan
D Deon Lau
D Luka Shevchenko
D Romeo Moncur
F Jahan Bhalla
F Jason McGee
F Justin Young
F Masaki Lau
F Oscar Cox
F Charlie Devine

Team 3

Position Name
Goalie Aiden Park
Goalie Isaac Rusch
D Emerson Ramage
D Matt Jung
D Reilly Hunter
F Brody Lakovic
F William Beaumont‐Foulds
F Griffin Sauvé
F Matteo Liberatore
F Ryan Tam
F Ryan Wood


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Bench Assistant 1 Ian Gamel Susan Young Grant Foulds
Bench Assistant 2 Randy Morphy Craig Cox Enzo Liberatore
Safety Alex Earmme Daniela Vanagan Kevin Hunter
Two Deep/Dressing Room Monitor 1 Tamara Isbister Cammy Tsang CLICK to VOLUNTEER
Two Deep/Dressing Room Monitor 2 Leslie Rutherford Akiko Ishikawa CLICK to VOLUNTEER
On-Site Manager >>>>>> Site Manager for U15 please !!CLICK to VOLUNTEER!!  <<<<<<
Jersey Wash Julie Jang Julie Jang Julie Jang
Timekeepers CLICK to VOLUNTEER Devon Rutherford-Braun CLICK to VOLUNTEER
Pre Event Logistic Help Susan Young Susan Lo Susan Lo