RecFest 2023 U18
Kerrisdale - Saturday, March 4

Kerrisdale Arena

Parents - (thanks in advance for your help with the following):
- 2 Deep rule at ALL times in the dressing rooms
- 1-2 "coaches" on the bench to open gates and just help get the players into a rotation
- Timekeeper for each game





3:45 PM 4:10 PM 1  vs. 2
4:20 PM 4:45 PM 2  vs. 3
  5:00 PM   5:45 PM 1  vs. 3
5:35 PM 6:00PM   First Place Game


Each game will begin with a max 5 minute warm-up. All games are running time. NHL Style Shootout at end if tied.


Team 1

Position Name
Goalie Nicholas Mann
D Jericho Wong
D Kai Hobbs
D Miller We
D Rafe Tomyn
D Samuel McGee
F Aleksandr Kim
F Cohen Stebbings
F Connor Nishi
F Ethan Yee
F Jack Elliott
F Justin Greenberg
F Tudor Jinga
F Zacharry Saldevar

Team 2

Position Name
Goalie Jack Catron
D Aidan Joa
D Max von Dehn
D Nikolas Kravariotis‐Escuer
D Saurav Sarpal
F Brody Tolensky
F Brandon Park
F Jack Finkleman
F Jared Bains
F Jayden Chiu
F Kyle Yamanaka
F Sam Pesklewis
F Ved Malik

Team 3

Position Name
Goalie Zach Epp
D Alexander Leonard
D Devin Yue
D James Au
D Josh Manning
D Rylan Goh
F Cameron Tsang
F Jonah Richardson
F Josh Hothi
F Malcolm Pejkovic
F Marcus Pavan
F Marcus Yau
F Robert Nobell


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Bench Assistant 1 Ada Leung Doug Park Mike Manning
Bench Assistant 2 Chris Hobbs Viren Malik Shane Epp
Safety Chris Hobbs Viren Malik Victor Tsang
Two Deep/Dressing Room Monitor 1 Ada Leung Ben Finkleman Mike Manning
Two Deep/Dressing Room Monitor 2 JM Saldevar CLICK to VOLUNTEER CLICK to VOLUNTEER
On-Site Manager Nadia Joa Nadia Joa Nadia Joa
Jersey Wash Robyn Richardson Robyn Richardson Robyn Richardson
Timekeepers Doug Elliott CLICK to VOLUNTEER Gaifang Duan
Pre Event Logistic Help Robyn Richardson Robyn Richardson Robyn Richardson