Volunteer Roles - What you need to know

Thank you so much for stepping up and helping us during the tryout process! They may not say it as often as they should but the players are all thankful for you as they wouldn't be able to be out there without your help.

Below is a bit of information on what each role will be responsible for. Please ensure you arrive at the time indicated on the shift times as, for many of the roles, we cannot start the ice time until you arrive.

Jersey Transport: A few opportunities will be available for those that have an SUV/truck that can help transport a few bins between venues - sometimes with a bit of washing done first.


Volunteer Coordinator: Every day a new sign up sheet will be posted. We have some amazing parents who will log on right away and fill a spot or two but often we have a position (or a few) that only get filled with a reminder or nudge. Staff will be busy making sure the tryouts are moving ahead smoothly and so we really need 1-2 people in each division to help watch the sign up sheet and encourage the other parents to help for an ice session or two.


Jersey Distribution: This is the first contact with the players as they arrive for tryouts. Some will be more nervous than others, but they all will need a smooth - and hopefully quick - start to the process. A volunteer will meet you at our check - in table in the lower lobby right next to where you enter the rink and will ensure you are all set up. You will be responsible for checking the players in, making sure they have completed their ePact updates and rep commitment/other activity form submissions (otherwise they need to do it there), and then give them their assigned jersey. When you have a few handed out all (or almost all) of the jerseys for your ice time, if there is one following you, please get them all set up for the next group of volunteers to help keep things flowing throughout the day. As the ice time approaches, please make sure the registration table volunteer is aware of any players who have not arrived so we can follow up with them as well as update the evaluation program.


On-ice assistant: Please meet Derek or Stan in the coaches room (overflow dressing room next to the ref rooms through the green/silver "exit" doors next to dressing room 1) a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the ice time. Your role will be to ensure the next drill is set up and to assist in any role required to conduct the on-ice drills but you are not to coach the players. As difficult as that will be, it is really important that you are not seen assisting players during the tryouts - more for your own protection and that of your child from incorrect perceptions.


HCSP: Please meet the timekeeper and bench assistants at the penalty box 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned ice time. Inform the bench assistants where you will be located during the ice time should they need your assistance on the bench with a player. In the event of an injury that requires an ambulance, please have someone go immediately to the front desk of the facility to inform them as they have set protocol for that kind of incident.


Bench Assistants: Please meet the HCSP and timekeeper at the penalty box 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned ice time. You will have a clipboard with the lineups to pick up there and find out where the HCSP person will be located during the session should you need them. After that, you can go let the group know their starting lineups in the room and get them out there. The plan for the 5 minute warm-up will also be included on your clipboard. Your main role will be to ensure that we keep lines flowing and players knowing what is happening. We remind you that you are not “coaching” during the tryouts and are to use the lineups that are provided by the Association. Please ensure you return the clipboards to the penalty box area following your ice time as we will need them again.


Timekeepers: Please meet the HCSP and bench assistants at the penalty box 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned ice time. You will see clipboards for both benches along with ref payment envelopes for all ice times for that division. The bench assistants will take the clipboards with them for the ice time and return them at the end of the session - please help them remember to leave them back in the penalty box. You will be responsible for making sure the refs receive their envelope - there is one per ice time for them to separate out themselves.


Dressing Room Monitors: Thank you for signing up to be part of the dressing room monitor team. This role is to assist in ensuring there is a safe environment for all players in the rooms devoid of inappropriate teasing or conversations. Examples of this would be if any player is teasing another about not being good enough to make rep – seems obvious but as tryouts may be a harder experience for some than others and we want to ensure nothing makes it harder. The Two Deep rule is a Thunderbirds policy throughout the year and we want to have a solid start during tryouts. For the moms, Hillcrest rooms all have a privacy wall that you can remain behind while any player is changing but we do ask that both dressing room monitors remain in the room from the time that one player arrives until they leave for the ice and then again after the scrimmage is over until all players have left.