Skill Development

Under the direction of Mike Todd, TBirds will be offering a series of skill opportunities in 19/20.

Recreational Division sponsored by

Balanced Teams

Find out the details about the TBirds balancing process including the PCAHA mandate.

Parent Participation

Our parents are our most valuable resource & we want everyone to enjoy their experience-players, parents & team staff.

Other Resources

Be sure to stay up to date on programs and information available to all of our Thunderbird players and parents.

2020/21 Season Registration for Returning Players now open!

No one could have predicted how our world would change over the past 6 weeks. The world of sport has also been dramatically impacted from the professional levels to the grassroots youth levels and everything in between. As a result, our Board and staff have been fully engaged in assessing the potential impact of the…

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Use FlipGive to get a head start on next season’s team fundraising!

Teams raised over $9k this past season to offset team costs for everything from tournaments, team activities, team apparel and even donating to a charity of the team’s choice. FlipGive has created a new way to let you continue to accumulate funds that you can then transfer to your team in the fall. Any funds…

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Farewell to our Grade 12s

  It was a bittersweet atmosphere tonight at the TBirds Graduating Midget “Bragging Rights” 3 on 3 mini-tournament. Over half of our 60 graduating TBirds participated in the event as a final farewell to playing alongside each other. With 22 players having been a TBird since Hockey 1, and 51 being with us since at…

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