Overview of Other Team Staff Roles

Certifications/Courses Required

A quick capture of the different requirements for the team staff.

Overview of Team Level Volunteer Roles

One of the first things you will want to accomplish is getting your mini army together - aka the other parents. Every family is required to participate in some manner to assist either the association and/or their team. In case they have forgotten, they actually checked off their approval of this during the registration process for their child(ren) so don't be shy in asking them to pick something to help with.

The following list provides the basic roles, but every team may have some unique roles they want to add - sometimes based on a specific skill one or more parents may possess that could enhance the overall experience for the team.

These roles can also be found in the Get Involved section of the website for you to direct your parents to. Note that these are only some of the many elements that you can ask for help in. Some managers ask for volunteers to do things like Game Sheet Management (entering data into TeamLink and mailing the white and yellow copies to the League Manager). Others delegate the confirmation of the games to another parent. Others have a set schedule for timekeeper/scorekeepers and it's up to the parents to find replacements if they can't make their scheduled game. Anything that you feel comfortable delegating, the less the burden is for you - and you do NOT need to be responsible for everything!