This page is for our TBird family, in particular team staff, to have quick access to information they may need while at the rink. Information will be updated as quickly as possible but it will be imperative that team staff and all TBird families read emails and newsletters sent by the association.

Team managers must connect with visiting team managers before every game to ensure they have the necessary information for coming to our venues and meet all TBird requirements onsite. Be sure to connect before every game to pass along any changes or to remind them of what needs to happen even if it's the same. DO NOT ASSUME THEY WILL REMEMBER. 

Venue rules are not optional. It is expected that all rules will be followed and that venue staff will be treated with respect and listened to. If any TBird member is found to be in violation of the venue rules, disciplinary measures will be taken and may include immediate suspension from TBirds without refund.

Quick Links

PCAHA website
PCAHA game schedule - public version
PCAHA Rule Book (note the 2020-21 version has not been posted, for now use the posted 2019-20 version)
- for game timing based on ice time - see page 93
PCAHA Week-by-Week schedule: identifies dates for when each division is eligible for game play and when they must take the 14 day break before joining a new cohort
PCAHA Game Official fees (no change from 2019/20 season)

TBirds Division Ambassadors/Team Managers Contact information
TBirds Policy page - general page
TBirds Covid-19 Impact policy (Section 8 = Covid-19 Return to Play protocols)
Contact Tracing Template
HiSports Game Scratch Pad

BC Hockey Minimum Suspensions
BC Hockey Points of Focus - Rule Changes
BC Hockey Covid-19 Pathway

What to do if...

Referee no-show
1) Immediate action: each team should assign either a team staff member or a player to officiate the game
2) As soon as possible: inform the assigner of the no-show
- if assigned by TBirds assignor (U7 to U13) - email
- if assigned by President's league (U15C only) - email
- if assigned by PCAHA (U15A and all U18) - form

Conflict game is scheduled
Team manager to connect with TBirds Ice Allocator to find an option to resolve the conflict. Note that options will be limited so you do want to reach out to the Ice Allocator as soon as possible.

Latest Changes

  • January 7: PHO restrictions have been extended to February 5. Phase 2 programming with 3 m distancing will be required at all times.
  • December 7: PHO restrictions have been extended to January 8. Phase 2 programming with 3m distancing will be required at all times.
  • December 3: new PHO restrictions have been implemented that will move sport to viaSport Phase 2 programming. These restrictions will be in place until midnight, December 7. Venue capacities will remain at:
    - Vancouver Park Board: 45
    - UBC: 50
    - Richmond Olympic Oval: 50
    - Richmond Ice Centre: 22 for practices
  • November 24: all venues have returned to Phase 3 programming including game play. Ensure mask protocols are followed for each venue. Parents cannot congregate outside at any time and should wear masks if they cannot ensure a minimum of six feet distancing is maintained at all times.
  • November 20: UBC has returned to a max capacity of 50 effective immediately with specific maximums based on role as per the following:
    • Home team players: maximum 18
    • Home team officials: maximum 5 (max 3 coaches, 1 HCSP, 1 Team manager)
    • Visiting team players: maximum 18
    • Visiting team officials (max 3 coaches, 1 HCSP, 1 Team manager)
    • Scorekeeper/Timekeeper: maximum 1
    • Game officials: maximum 3
      • Numbers may NOT be moved between categories (eg if you have less players, you cannot add another team official)

Note that all players MUST be living within the Vancouver Coastal health authority and proof of residence MAY be requested by the venue.

  • November 9: UBC latest user group access document
    • Changes
      • max # 20 is listed
      • Father Bauer Dressing room 13 washrooms are now available for public usage instead of having to go down to Protrans
  • At 1 pm on Saturday, November 7, Dr. Bonnie Henry issued a temporary PHO order in effect from 10 pm November 7 through to 12:00 pm November 23 that requires a pause in all game play and contact situations. All PCAHA games occurring in that time period will be cancelled and all practices/skill sessions must be conducted in viaSport Phase 2 programming (ie physical distance of 2 m at all times on and off the ice).
  • As of November 1 - masks will be mandatory for all patrons 5 years of age and older at all Richmond venues.
    • For the U6-U9 ages who are scheduled for ice sessions in Richmond, they will be required to wear a neck gaiter mask pulled up under their mask as they enter the building. They will be able to pull it down when they go on the ice. For exiting, they must be escorted out by a team staff person as a group and maintain physical distancing.
  • October 21: Richmond Olympic Oval user group venue capacity has been increased to 50 total but all who enter must have a specific role that is required and not duplicated.
  • October 16Only one person permitted in timekeeper's box during a game (one person to do both scorekeeper and timekeeper role). Maximum of 3 team staff permitted on the team bench during games. More information can be found in the Memo from the Board Executive here.
  • October 13:  All Richmond venues - as of the Oct 13 Richmond City Council meeting, masks must be worn in all Richmond city facilities including the Richmond Olympic Oval and Richmond Ice Centre. There is a transition period until Nov 1 and we are in discussion with both venues on how this will be accomplished for our younger players who are entering the building without a parent/guardian.
  • October 12: Live streaming is permitted to be conducted at the team/group level. Live sporting events are permitted to be streamed as long as it is not used for promotional purposes or for financial gain. Team Managers should provide the courtesy to visiting teams to a) inform them a live stream is happening; and b) provide a link for their families to watch as well if possible. While there are free options available, if a group/team decides upon an approach where there is a cost involved, this must be borne by group/team up to the cost recovery and cannot be passed along to any visiting team.

Live Streaming Options

We will post information as we receive information from teams on options for live streaming that is working in our arenas.

Note: Sunset does not have wifi in the building at this point but Vancouver Park Board is looking into options for this. In the meantime, if you want to stream out of Sunset, you will need to see if someone who has unlimited data is willing to use their plan for your team.

GoPro with Twitch option


Volunteer Program

The Thunderbirds Volunteer Program launched for the 2020-21 season. All youth sport relies on families volunteering their time in a variety of roles both within their team environment but also to ensure the programs that impact across multiple teams are successful.

Program details can be found here. High level information on the requirements can be found below:

  1. Team/Skill Group level volunteering: every family is required to participate in some way within their team to make this season a good experience for the team. Examples of volunteer roles can be found on the Volunteer program page, but families are welcome to work with their team manager or team volunteer coordinator to identify unique ways they can use their skill sets to enhance their team experience.
  2. Association level volunteering: every family is required to provide 3 hours of volunteer assistance (up to a maximum of 6 hours per family) for programs outside of their immediate family. As of October 14 we have already had over 1500 hours of volunteer service that was made available through the first 6 weeks of the season and month of summer camp programming. For those that have not yet reached their quota, there will be many more opportunities coming up as we move into the season so stay tuned for those options. As well, if you have a unique skill set that you can offer to the association (ie graphic design, photography, video editing, social media support, seminar coordination, etc), you can connect with Tanya to discuss options. Note that some rostered team staff are exempt from this: Head Coach, up to three rostered assistant coaches, up to two rostered HCSPs, one rostered team manager.

In addition, we have posted lead or coordinator roles for a number of our in-season programs such as our Career Mentorship Program, Players Giving Back program and NHL/NHLPA First Shift program. We would love to be able to offer all of these and many more programs this year but we need help to do so. Keep an eye on the volunteer portal here to look through the options and help us make TBirds even better!