RecFest 2023 U11
Sunset - Sun. March 5

Sunset Arena

Parents - (thanks in advance for your help with the following):
- 2 Deep rule at ALL times in the dressing rooms
- 1-2 "coaches" on the bench to open gates and just help get the players into a rotation
- Timekeeper for each game
- Handing out and collection of the jerseys (if anyone wants to wash them and return them to Chris after, feel free to do so!)
- Helping set the pizza and water up when it arrives during the final game
- HCSP certified personnel - we don't have enough signed up for each team so if you have the certification, we ask you help if anyone needs a bit of assistance

Start End Game
8:30 AM 8:55 AM 1 vs. 2
9:05 AM 9:30 AM 3 vs. 4
   9:45 AM    10:10 AM    Third Place Game
10:20 AM 10:45 AM First Place Game


Each game will begin with a 2 minute warm-up. All games are running time. NHL Style Shootout at end if tied.

Team 1

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Joseph (Jo) Blake Goalie Atom C3
Logan Chen Goalie Atom c3
Oliver Paquin Defence Atom C6
Neil Suter Defence Atom C4
Nick Harris Forward Atom C6
Vincent Hua Forward Atom C4
Ben Ryerson Forward Atom C3
Kevin Sun Forward Atom C4
Theo Letkeman Forward Atom C5
Jayden Wong Forward Atom C4

Team 2

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Christopher Paizakis Goalie Atom C4
Jason McGee Defence Atom C5
Kenneth Bober Forward Atom C2
Ryan Tam Forward Atom C5
Zihan Tang Forward Atom C2
Yuxuan Wu Forward Atom C7
Lyra Xu Forward Atom C1
Aaron Yin Forward Atom C7
Henri Zhao Forward Atom C2


Team 3

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Aiden Park Goalie atom c7
Robert Vanagan Goalie Atom C6
Ollie Dear Defence Atom C7
Tyler Dunlap Defence Atom C2
William Becker-Pos Forward Atom C3
Owen Floyd Forward Atom C7
Aidan Howard Forward Atom C3
Torin Simmons Forward Atom C2
Thomas Takeuchi-Davenport Forward Atom C7
Oscar Thiessen Forward Atom C7

Team 4

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Andrew Rutherford-Braun Goalie Atom C1
Ashton Procyshyn Defence Atom C1
Austin Lin Defence Atom C5
Gavin Bilg Forward Atom C4
Brody Lakovic Forward ATOM C2
Thomas Matheus Alves-Bratanich Forward Atom C2
Aarush Sarpal Forward Atom C5
Kyle Tam Forward Atom C4
Marcus Woods Forward Atom C4