RecFest 2019
March 9-10



Schedule - Kits Arena

Parents - thanks in advance for your help with the following:
- 2 Deep rule at ALL times in the dressing rooms
- 1-2 "coaches" on the bench to open gates and just help get the players into a rotation
- Timekeeper for each game
- Handing out and collection of the jerseys (if anyone wants to wash them and return them to Chris after, feel free to do so!)
- Helping set the pizza and water up when it arrives during the final game
- HCSP certified personnel - we don't have enough signed up for each team so if you have the certification, we ask you help if anyone needs a bit of assistance

Description Home Away Start End Duration
Game 1 Peewee 1 Peewee 2 3:45 PM 4:15 PM 30 Minutes
BREAK 4:15 PM 4:20 PM 5 Minutes
Game 2 Peewee 3 Peewee 4 4:20 PM 4:50 PM 30 Minutes
Game 3 Loser 1 Loser 2 5:10 PM 5:40 PM 30 Minutes
BREAK 5:40 PM 5:45 PM 5 Minutes
Game 4 Winner 1 Winner 2 5:45 PM 6:15 PM 30 Minutes

Each game will begin with a 2 minute warm-up. All games are running time. NHL Style Shootout at end if tied.

Team 1

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
TJ Joa Goalie Atom A2
Seiji Edmundson Defence Peewee C4
Samuel McGee Defence Peewee C2
Saurav Sarpal Defence Peewee C6
Cole Chohan Forward Peewee C2
Charles Junior Ho Forward Peewee C6
Tudor Jinga Forward Peewee C2
Aleksandr Kim Forward Peewee C6
Aristides Manolis Forward Peewee C4
Netta Mizrahi Forward Peewee C2
Alexander Tham Forward Peewee C7

Team 2

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Eric Huang Goalie Peewee C4
Lukas Aloni Defence Peewee C4
Alexander Gully Defence Peewee C5
Alexander Leonard Defence Peewee C2
Henry Carter Forward Peewee C7
Sahil Dhanda Forward Peewee C7
Justin Greenberg Forward Peewee C4
Matthew Moon Forward Peewee C5
Kai Ogawa Forward Peewee C1
Tak Sheldon Forward Peewee C1
Jericho Wong Forward Peewee C2
Marcus Yau Forward Peewee C5

Team 3

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Mattias Jeske-Freistadt Goalie Peewee C2
Nathan Tam Defence Peewee C4
Miller We Defence Peewee C6
Nico Wen Defence Peewee C6
Kai Hobbs Forward Peewee C5
Zachary Lukan Forward Peewee C4
Nolan Mueller Forward Peewee C6
Malcolm Pejkovic Forward Peewee C6
Noah Tam Forward Peewee C6
Cameron Tsang Forward Peewee C5
Alexandre Yuste Forward Peewee C3

Team 4

First Name Last Name Position 2018/19 Team
Zachary Epp Goalie Peewee C6
Terrence Horng Defence PeeWee C8
Dominic Hua Defence Peewee C1
Lachlan Scott Defence PeeWee C8
Henry Askew Forward PeeWee C8
James Au Forward Peewee C4
Sean Baird Forward Peewee C1
Nathan Fraser Forward PeeWee C8
Hyunseok Kim Forward Peewee C8
Ved Malik Forward Peewee C3
Marcus Pavan Forward PeeWee C8