2018-19 TBirds Below Atom Family Day Tournament

February 16-18, 2019

Welcome to this year's tournament! We are excited to welcome you. We will have teams coming from near and far to participate over the weekend and the organizing committee has focused on creating a fun experience for everyone involved.


Special Guest Appearance

Come meet Fin!
Saturday, Feb 16
UBC from 11 am - 12 pm


Arena Addresses

Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena
Address: 5670 East Boulevard, Vancouver
Parking: As Visiting teams you will use the dressing rooms on the South Side of the Arena. That is between McDonald`s Restaurant and the arena (drive down the alleyway).

Kitsilano Rink
Address: 2690 Larch Street. Vancouver
Parking: There is parking on both sides of the rink so use either lot.
Dressing Rooms: As the Visiting Teams you will use either Room 3 or 4. Again, there should be a list on the doors indicating which one to use.

Sunset Rink
Address: 390 E 51st Ave, Vancouver
Parking: There is a parking lot by the rink. There is also street parking you can use.
Dressing Rooms: As like the other rinks, there will be a sign on the rooms indicating which ones to use.

UBC Rinks

Address: 6066 Thunderbird Blvd Vancouver
Parking: UBC Parking has given our tournament a weekend flat rate (that is way cheaper than paying more than 2 hours).
Coffee: Ethical Bean coffee will be available at UBC rinks during the tournament by donation. Bring a mug and stay warm!

Tournament Rules

  • Please have one team representative arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of your first game, to allow time to check in with the Home Team Manager.
  • Please check-in with the Home Team Manager 30 minutes before each subsequent game for the game sheet.  Games for H1 and H2 are played as cross-ice and games for of H3 and H4 teams are played as half-ice under Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and PCAHA cross-ice and half-ice guidelines.
  • Each team should be prepared with 2 goalies ready to play each game, one on each end of the ice.
  • If there are enough players on each team for at least 1 spare on each side of the ice, games will be played 4 on 4.  If there are too few players, games will be played 3 on 3.  If there are too few players to play 3 on 3 games on each end of the ice, one game of 4 on 4 may be played on one end of the ice.
  • At the option of the coaches, if the roster sizes are significantly different then games may be played “jamboree style” in which players from one team may play for the other team or the players on both teams may be mixed up.
  • Only players on the team’s official roster are eligible to play.  The roster is defined as the final player roster handed in prior to the start of the team’s first game.  It should include any eligible affiliated players that the team may play.
  • Please have your teams ready to go on the ice at the scheduled times.  NOTE:  Where applicable, to ensure games start on time, 1 coach from each team is required to go on the ice to assist referees in moving foam boards during ice-cleans.
  • For H1, H2 and H3 games, period lengths will be determined in accordance with the PCAHA rules, and there will be a 2 minute shift change buzzer.  However, 5 minutes must be left at the end of the ice time in order to facilitate a 5-puck shootout. Click here for 5-puck shootout instructions.
  • For H4 games, games will consist of a 5 minute warm up, followed by two 23 minute running time periods.  There will be a two minute break between periods.   In all cases, 5 minutes must be left at the end of the ice time in order to facilitate a 5-puck shootout. Click here for 5-puck shootout instructions.
  • The Home Team should wear their association's designated home color (within PCAHA play the Vancouver Thunderbirds home jersey is blue).  If there is conflict in jersey colours, the home team will be responsible to change jerseys.  The home team is to wait until the visiting team has left the ice, before they leave the ice.
  • In the spirit of fair play, the players and coaches will line up at centre ice and shake hands at the end of the game.
  • No overtime in any game. No scores or standings will be kept.
  • Any player receiving a gross misconduct or a match penalty will be suspended for the balance of the tournament. Team officials receiving a game misconduct will be suspended from the tournament. It is the sole responsibility of the team coaches and team managers to ensure that ineligible players do not play. Playing an ineligible player may result in the entire team being disqualified from the tournament.
  • The referee’s decision is final and no protests will be accepted after the game.
  • Team officials are responsible for ensuring their dressing rooms are left in a neat and orderly condition. If any damage occurs, the team will be billed for damage or clean up as applicable.
  • When more than one team player is in the dressing room, teams must have two responsible adults present at all times.
  • PCAHA Special C Hockey Playing Rules. As nearly as possible, equal ice time shall be given to all players regardless of playing ability in any “C” hockey game.
  • Offside and icing will not be called, as per PCAHA cross-ice and half-ice guidelines.
  • Face offs will be conducted after all stoppages in play.
  • There will not be formal penalties.  Therefore, there will be no power plays.
  • In H2, H3 and H4 games, a referee will be on the ice at all times to assist the players.  For H1 each team must have one coach on the ice.  This is to help players with face-off positions and changeovers.
  • The tournament is also subject to all other applicable Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and PCAHA rules.
  • The tournament committee reserves the right to modify rules to ensure fair play.