2017-18 Thunderbirds Peewee Thanksgiving Cup

October 7-9, 2017

Welcome to this year's tournament! We are excited to have six teams participating and we are anticipating some great games. Every game will be concluded with the famous Thunderbird Shootout contest where the winner will be rewarded with some post game pizza and refreshments.

It's going to be a great Thanksgiving weekend!


Date # Home Visitors Time Rink
Saturday, Oct. 7 1 Tbirds Cloverdale 730 - 845 AM HILLCREST
2 Semiahmoo BWC 11 AM - 1215 PM UBC Father Bauer
3 Sno-Kings Seafair 1230 - 145 PM UBC Father Bauer
4 Tbirds BWC 5 - 615 PM HILLCREST
5 Sno-Kings Cloverdale 630 - 745 PM HILLCREST
6 Seafair Semiahmoo 8 - 915 PM HILLCREST
Sunday, Oct. 8 7 Cloverdale BWC 8 - 915 AM SUNSET
8 Tbirds Seafair 930 - 1045 AM SUNSET
9 Semiahmoo Sno-Kings 11 AM - 1215 PM SUNSET
10 Seafair Cloverdale 215 - 330 PM KITSILANO
11 BWC Semiahmoo 345- 500 PM KITSILANO
Monday, Oct. 9 12 TBirds Sno-Kings 10 - 1130 AM SUNSET
13 Cloverdale Semiahmoo 915 - 1045 AM KITSILANO
14 Seafair BWC 11 AM - 1230 PM KITSILANO
Pool 1 Pool 2
1 Semiahmoo A4 4 Tbirds A4
 2 Sno-Kings U12 5 Cloverdale A4
3 Seafair A3 6 BWC A4


Game Results

Will be posted here throughout the tournament.

Saturday Scoreboard

T-Birds         3           Cloverdale   3
(Pen mins: 10)                     (Pen mins: 14)

Semi              3          BWC              6  
(Pen mins: 4)                       (Pen mins: 6)

Sno-Kings    1           Seafair        15
(Pen mins: 0)                       (Pen mins: 0)

T-Birds          2           BWC             3
(Pen mins: 6)                       (Pen mins: 2)

Sno-Kings     0          Cloverdale  11
(Pen mins: 6)                         (Pen mins: 2)

Seafair            5          Semiahmoo 0
(Pen mins: 14)                         (Pen mins: 2)


Sunday Scoreboard

Cloverdale     2          BWC  4
(Pen mins: 6)                         (Pen mins: 4)

TBirds             1          Seafair 5
(Pen mins: 0)                         (Pen mins: 8)

Semiahmoo  2           Sno-Kings 0
(Pen mins: 8)                          (Pen mins: 0)

Seafair           6           Cloverdale   4

BWC               6           Semiahmoo  1


Monday Scoreboard

TBirds             6           Sno-Kings    3

Cloverdale      2         Semiahmoo   8   Bronze Medal Game

Seafair             3           BWC              2       Gold Medal Game

Congratulations to Seafair - gold medal winner! Thank you to all of our teams for making this such a fun tournament.

Tournament Rules

All games will be conducted in accordance with Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and PCAHA rules and regulations except as modified below.

There will be no tolerance of referee ABUSE. Offenders will be ejected from the game. The referees will be instructed to give a single warning before ejecting any coach from the game. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated. Abusive spectators will be required to leave the premises. We therefore ask that all managers and coaches instruct the parents and players to understand and promote the "SPIRIT OF THE TOURNAMENT".

Each game will consist of a 3 minute warm-up, one 12 minute period followed by two 15 minute periods, all stop time with the following adjustments, if necessary:
1. Games tied at the end of regulation time, in semis and finals rounds only, will proceed to overtime (see the overtime format below).
2. The total elapsed time including ice cleans cannot exceed 75 minutes per game, except the championship will be 3 x 15 minute stop time periods. The tournament reserves the right to make adjustments to accommodate for delays in schedules.
3. If necessary, the time established for the third period will be determined by dividing the remaining time less 5 minutes (in round robin play). This decision can only be made by an on ice or tournament official.
4. Mercy Rule: Running time will be in effectshould there be a five goal or more spread in the 3rd period only. If the goal spread drops back to 4, stop time will commence again.
5. Timeouts: There will be one-60 second timeout allotted to each team per game including overtime.
Please note: All teams are to be prepared to begin their games 15 minutes prior to start time. Any team who is not prepared to begin the game at the appropriate time will be required to serve a 2-minute minor penalty at the start of the game. In addition the clock will start at the appropriate scheduled time.

Points for the tournament will be awarded on the following basis:
• 2 points for a regulation win
• 1 point for a regular tie
• 0 points for a regulation loss

The maximum GOALS FOR and GOALS AGAINST that will be counted for any tiebreak for a goal differential will be +/- 4. The following is the format that will be used to determine the final standings following Round 3 in the event of a tie:
1. Most points
2. Head-to-head (of teams tied)
3. Team with the greatest number of wins (of teams tied)
4. Fewest number of Penalty Minutes
5. Total Goals Against
6. Basic goal differential GF v GA
7. Total goal differential GF-GA/GF
8. Total Goals for
9. Fastest goal scored in the first game
10. Fastest goal in the first round robin game

The first ranked team will be the best first place team according to the tie breaking formula. The same process will be used to determine the rest of the rankings with regards to tied teams.

1. Overtime will be played in all Semis and Finals games.
2. The following will be the format for ELIMINATION overtime.
Teams will play Five (5) minute SUDDEN DEATH overtime, 3 players versus 3 players, plus goaltenders.

If still tied:
The game will be decided by a 3 player versus 3 players SHOOT OUT conducted in PENALTY SHOT format.

After 3 shooters, the shootout will revert to sudden death with each team getting one chance at a time. A player may repeat only when all the other players on his/her team has had the opportunity to shoot. The first shooter will be determined by a coin toss called by the home team. The winner of the coin toss will select whether they shoot first or second.

While it is traditional that the home team is required to wear white and the visiting team is required to wear dark as long as the two colors are distinct as confirmed by the referee the teams can wear a color of their choice. In the event of a conflict, the team designated as the visiting team will be required to change jerseys, unless otherwise resolved by the respective coaches. The Tournament Organizers will have a set of (bibs+ available should they be required.

Any player who incurs any combination of 4 penalties or 8 or more penalty minutes in a single game will be immediately ejected from the game. Further, a match, gross of fighting penalty will result in the player or coach being ejected from the tournament. Game misconduct will count as 10 minute penalty.

At the end of the game the teams will have the customary handshake and then line up on the bluelines for game MVP presentation. Coaches are responsible to pick the player on their team most deserving of the award. Tournament Organizers reserve the right to make minor adjustments to schedule and rules up until the start of the tournament.

Any team wishing to appeal any decision will be required to make it in writing within one hour from the time of the decision to be appealed. The Tournament Supervisor or Designate will then make a ruling on the appeal. All rulings made by the Tournament Supervisor or Designate will be final.