2017-18 Thunderbird Atom A1 Winter Classic

December 15-17, 2017

We are excited for this year's tournament! Lots of work has gone into the tournament already to make it a great experience for all of our visiting teams.

All the scores and standings will be posted on this site as the tournament progresses. Tournament rules can be found below.

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West Coast Division W L T SPt Pts GF GA PIM
NSWC Winterhawks 3 0 0 1 7 17 8 24
Victoria Racquet Club Kings 1 1 1 1 4 8 9 26
Cloverdale Colts 1 2 0 1.5 3.5 10 10 16
Seafair Islanders 0 2 1 1.5 2.5 6 14 10
Pacific DivisionWLTSPtPtsGFGAPIM
Vancouver Thunderbirds2011.56.51594
Sno-King Jr Thunderbirds1201.53.571510
Burnaby Winter Club0211.52.561112


Round Robin

DateGameHome Score ScoreVisitorsTimeArena
Dec 151Cloverdale 3 5NSWC400-515 pmUBC Protrans
Dec 152Seafair 2 2VRC430-545 pmUBC Rink A
Dec 153Thunderbirds 5 1BWC600-715 pmUBC Rink A
Dec 154Semiahmoo 7 0Sno-Kings730-845 pmUBC Rink A
Dec 165Seafair14Cloverdale830-945 amUBC Rink A
Dec 166NSWC42VRC1000-1115 amUBC Rink A
Dec 167Semiahmoo44BWC1130-1245 pmUBC Rink A
Dec 168Thunderbirds75Sno-Kings100-215 pmUBC Rink A
Dec 169Cloverdale34VRC500-615 pmHillcrest
Dec 1610NSWC83Seafair630-745 pmHillcrest
Dec 1611Thunderbirds33Semiahmoo800-915 pmHillcrest
Dec 1612BWC12Sno-Kings745-900 pmSunset

Playoff Round

Dec 1713Thunderbirds84VRC700-830 amSunset
Dec 1714NSWC103Semiahmoo845-1015 amSunset
Dec 1715Sno-King27Cloverdale1030-1145 amSunset
Dec 1716Seafair03BWC1200-115 pmSunset
Dec 1717 (BRONZE)Semiahmoo53VRC215-345 pm
Dec 1718 (GOLD)Thunderbirds03NSWC400-530 pmKitsilano

Arena Addresses

UBC Thunderbird Arena
(includes Father Bauer, Protrans, & Rink A)
6066 Thunderbird Boulevard, Vancouver

Hillcrest Arena
4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver


Kitsilano Rink
2690 Larch Street, Vancouver

Sunset Arena
390 East 51st Ave, Vancouver

Tournament Rules


All games will be conducted in accordance with Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and PCAHA rules and regulations except as modified below.


Round Robin Games and Consolation Games

  • These games all have 75 minutes of ice time.
  • Each game will consist of:
    • Warm-up: 3 minutes
    • First period: 15 minutes
    • Second period: 15 minutes
    • Third period: 12 minutes or half of remaining ice time less 2 minutes This will leave a couple of minutes for the handshake and MVP awards
  • Games CAN end in a tie and there is no overtime or shootout
  • All period are stop time, however, running time will commence should there be a five or more goal spread in the 3rd period If the goal spread drops back to four, stop time will commence again.
  • Timeouts: There will be one 60-second timeout allotted to each team per game

Play-Off Games (Semi-Finals and Bronze and Gold Finals)

  • These games all have 90 minutes of ice time
  • Each game will consist of:
    • Warm-up: 3 minutes
    • First period: 15 minutes
    • Second period: 15 minutes
    • Third period: 15 minutes
  • Games CANNOT end in a tie and if tied after the third period, then:
    • 5 minutes of 4 on 4 sudden death, if still tied then;
    • 5 minutes of 3 on 3 sudden death, if still tied then;
    • 3 player shootout (3 players from each team shoot), if still tied then;
    • Sudden death shootout (one round at a time and if one player scores and the other doesn’t, you have a winner).
  • If a game is tied and there isn’t a lot of ice time remaining, Tournament Organizers will make an executive decision with the referees input
    • Example: If there is only 10 minutes of ice time left after the third period, we may go to 2.5 minutes of overtime (4 on 4), then sudden death shootout if necessary.
  • All periods are stop time, however, running time will commence should there be a five or more goal spread in the 3rd period If the goal spread drops back to four, stop time will commence again.
  • Timeouts: There will be one 60 second timeout allotted to each team per game including overtime.


Points for the tournament will be awarded on the following basis:

  • 2 points for a regulation win
  • 1 point for a regulation tie
  • 0 points for a regulation loss
  • ½ point for sportsmanship (8 or less penalty minutes in a game)


With an eight team tournament, we may expect a number of Ties. In keeping with the tournament goals of fun and respect, the following is the formula that will be used to determine the final standings following the Round Robin or to break a tie in a consolation game:

1. Most points

Where teams are tied:

2. Head to Head (of teams tied)
3. Fewest number of Penalty Minutes
4. Best Goal Differential (GF less GA by game, totalled) **
5. Least Goals Against (GA)
6. Most Goals For (GF)
7. Most Wins
8. Coin Toss called by the Away team

**The maximum Goal Differential in any one game that will be counted for any tiebreak is +/-4.

The first ranked team will be the best first place team according to the formula. The same process will be used to determine the rest of the rankings.


The home team is required to wear dark and the visiting team is required to wear white. As long as the two colours are distinct as confirmed by the referee, the teams can wear a colour of their choice. In the event of a conflict, the team designated as the visiting team will be required to change jerseys, unless otherwise resolved by the respective coaches.


Any player who incurs any combination of 4 penalties or 8 or more penalty minutes in a single game will be immediately ejected from the game. Further, a match, gross or fighting penalty will result in the player or coach being ejected from the tournament. Game misconduct will count as a 10 minute penalty.


There will be no tolerance of referee ABUSE. Offenders will be ejected from the game. The referees will be instructed to give a single warning before ejecting any coach from the game. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated. Abusive spectators will be required to leave the premises. We therefore ask that all managers and coaches instruct the parents and players to understand and promote the “SPIRIT OF THE TOURNAMENT”.


At the end of the game, the teams will have the customary handshake and then line up on their respective blue lines for the game MVP presentation. Coaches are responsible to pick the player on their team most deserving of the award.

We recommend that all teams be prepared to begin their games 15 minutes prior to start time. The clock will start at the appropriate scheduled time.

Managers, please remember to pick up your coloured copies of each of your game sheets. These will be provided to you after the end of each game or can be picked up at the registration desk. It will be your responsibility to provide these to your appropriate league manager following the tournament.

PCAHA Home Teams must enter game information into Teamlink within 24 hours of game ending. Please note: any PCAHA team playing against Victoria or Sno-Kings must enter the game information into Teamlink regardless if they are the home or visitor - thank you for your assistance!


Each team will participate in a shootout at the end of the last round robin game played by each team on Saturday. Note: The 3rd period in games 9 to 12 will be shortened slightly to allow time for the shootout.

Shootout Rules:

  1. 5 pucks placed on the blue line.
  2. One at a time, a player will skate on a breakaway and attempt to He must skate forward and there are no rebounds.
  3. If the puck goes in the net, the next player in line will attempt to score with one of the remaining pucks.
  4. If the goalie makes the save, the puck must be passed back to the next shooter in line and the sequence will continue.
  5. First team to put all 5 pucks in the net wins Timbits for the team!


Any team wishing to appeal any decision will be required to make it in writing within one hour from the time of the decision to be appealed. The Tournament Supervisor or Designate will then make a ruling on the appeal. All rulings made by the Tournament Supervisor or Designate will be final. Please see the Rink Host for the Tournament Supervisor’s contact information.

Tournament Organizers reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the schedule and rules and regulations up until the start of the tournament.