Our big brothers and sisters on campus are a natural partner for the Thunderbirds. We share so much more than just a name as we have similar desires to have positive impacts on the community around us. Stay tuned for additional endeavors we will be working together on in the 2017-18 season.


Special Offer: Equipment Cleaning TBirds rate! 
There is no question that the worst part of hockey is the smell that emanates from the area of the house where the hockey bag is relegated to. Thankfully relief to your sense of smell is in our back yard as UBC has one of the the few equipment cleaning machines around! In 12 minutes your fears can be alleviated!

Vancouver Thunderbirds receive a discounted rate of $30 all season.

Intermission Entertainment

A couple lucky teams will be selected to participate at upcoming UBC Thunderbirds varsity games. They will be welcomed into the dressing room to greet the players and will get on the big ice to wow the crowds in the intermission.