We are excited to announce that Audrey White will be joining the Thunderbirds staff as the Membership and Events Coordinator. In addition to being a League Manager with Pacific Coast for the past 8 years, Audrey has been a team manager for 8 years and a division manager for 5 years with Burnaby Minor.

Audrey will act as the first point of contact to our membership and will be part of the team of staff, contractors and board members working towards providing an unparalleled hockey experience that is rewarding to players and all Thunderbirds members.

Please join us in welcoming Audrey to the Thunderbirds! While she will be spending most of May getting her feet under her, she will be joining us for the Thunderbird Appreciation Banquet and will be part of the upcoming Balancing Process Engagement sessions so many of you will have an opportunity to welcome her in person.